Seedfolks How to Plant a Garden

By: Haley Reeves

How to plant a garden

To bulid an amazing graden you will need some extra things to get started with for example:



Plant seed (your choice)

A sunny place (depends on plant)


Fence to keep bugs out (your choice)

Plant food

Once you have all of this equiptment you may begin your garden! Your first step of planting your garden would be finding a big enough space for your plant because some plants need more space than others for example: a grape vine or an apple tree. Then you see if your plant is sunny or not, and if it is go find a suuny or shady place.

Once you plant your seeds you will need to check if it is the right type of soil for your plant if it is then keep your plant there and maybe add a little "plant food" to help it grow. You will need to water your plant at least three times a day with a cup of water. Now if you find out that something is eating your plant for example: a bug, you may want to put something around it to keep the bugs out. I would suggest a small fence about a foot to a foot and a half high, just high enough so the bugs cant get in, but also low enough so you can reach over and get to your plant.

As your plants grow check them every now and then because they can be getting close to ripe and also do a little research on when to pick them when they get to be ripe. Once you see your plants getting bigger and more ripe start to pick them off ;carefully so you dont break the plant itself. Finally once you have picked all of the ripe ones off you can wash them off and enjoy!

Schooled Review

Schooled is an amazing book written by Gorden Korman. The main charcater is Capricorn Anderson who just goes by Cap. Cap is just an eighth grade boy trying to survive Claverage Middle School, but it wasn't always that way, he was homeschooled by his grandmother, Rain, but then Rain had an accident and Cap was forced out of the sixties and into the twenty-first centry. Things change at Claverge when Cap gets elected eighth grade president as a joke , preformed by the bully group of Zach Powers and Cap is their main target.

But by all of Caps wierdness makes him more popular at Claverge for example: having a tie-dye party in the art room. Finally after all things are going wel for Cap at Claverage, something happens and it cahnges the way that the students ast Claverage see him from now on.

Gordon Korman did an amazing job on Schooled and having Cap seem almost real to us and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to read a fun and adverturous story about a middle schooler ,also I would give it a rate of five stars.

Dear Emma,

I am sad and upset that we dont get to see each other every day like we used to. I hope that you are enjoying your new home with your new mama, as I am enjoying mine. I wonder if we can figure out a way to see each other more? I am missing our dad and our mama and I and wondering if you are missing them the same? Also do you know if your mama will let us see each other more this week? Like I said earlier I am really missing our time together.

I miss you,


Dear Lonnie,

I am really missing our time togethre too, but I do have an idea on how we can see each other more. I was thinking that if you read the Bible ,Lonnie, and go to church because if you find God Lonnie we may be able to see each other more. Also Lonnie I am missing mama and dad a lot, mostly more than anything these days, it just isn't the same anymore without all of us in the house. I miss you a lot and I hope we can see each other soon.

Miss you too,