England/Middle Ages

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In the 1200s, primogeniture was very much established, and younger children were looking for land and glory through fights/war. In this bunch was Henry III. He was fairly unsuccessful by attempting to regain the lands that were lost by his father. With the Treaty of Paris, he failed, and gave up all of his claims to the lands in France.


Crusades continued in the 13th century, with Edward I. The government was based on a tribute system, of which based around trying to conquer over more lands to make a larger profit. The wealth that was used was to create many castles.


In the 13th century, while Ireland, Scotland, and Whales was under control of England, rebellions had arose. Rebellions in Wales was most seen during the 1400 ~ 1409. They were under Owen Glen Dwr, of whom lead the rebellion.

Middle Ages

Hundred Years' War

Dark Ages

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