Traval Photographer

Grace Malz

What is a Traval Photographer ?

A traval photographer is someone who gets to traval around the world to take pictures of exotic or outta the area places. they can take pictures for magazines, brochures, art, and etc. Its not a common job , but if you've heard of a fashion photographer, a travel photographer is just like that except that the environment is their model.

How much does a Traval Photographer make?

The amount of money they make all depends on the type of job it is. They can make brochores and take pictures for catalogs.

How often do they traval?

If your a freelance photographer you can travel where ever you want and your free to take pictures of the scenery that looks interesting. They can sell there images to many different places such as travel magnetizes , catalogs , and travel brochures.

Characteristics you should have

  • Creative
  • Original
  • Open-minded

Why do I like this job?

I think it would be something fun to do and it's a way to be able to travel around the world to different places you've never been to and experience new things.

What do you have to do be become a Traval Photographer?

  • Go to a collage with a good art program
  • Enroll in photography classes
  • Earn a visual arts degree

How does avid help me?

Help me get more organized and work with people