The Vietnam war

How the US got involved By: Cheyenne Coon


The Vietnam war started on November 1st, 1955 it ended on April 30,1975. The US got involved in this war in early August 1964. The main reason they jumped into the war was because of what happened at the Gulf of Tonkin. Their are other reasons the us got involved in the war as well.


The Vietnam war is fought between the North Vietnamese who was supported by the USSR, China and North Korea, While the South Vietnamese were supported by the USA and Their allies, Thailand, Austria, New Zealand, and the Philippines. These were also the pro-communist and pro-capitalist countries that were apart of the cold war.
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Two American Destroyers were torpedoed off the gulf of Tonkin by the North Vietnamese. This happened early August of 1946. After this happened president Lyndon B. Johnson requested permission to increase military presence in indochina.


The gulf of Tonkin is located off the coast of northern Vietnam and Southern China. It is a northern arm of the South China Sea.
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The Vietnam war started on November 1st, 1955 it ended on April 30,1975. The United States joined the war shortly after August 7.


One of the reasons why the United States got involved in the Vietnam war is because of the attack at The Gulf of Tonkin. The other reason is because the president at the time Lyndon Johnson wanted to get more involved in Vietnam because he wanted to control what was going on their.


The North Vietnamese used submarines to get the jump on Americans. The torpedoes that were used sunk the destroyers and when they radioed back the president went to Congress to get them to increase military presence in Indochina.