Friends in the end

By: Dylan Terry Period 4-5

Analysis of the Development of Theme

In "Freak the Mighty" the characterization of Freak and Max as a child, was a conflict. IN the story, Freak is described as small, the robot kid, and brainy. Max on the other hand is described as, big, tall, the kicker, and kid who looks like his father. For example, his is hearing others around him saying thinks like," He looks so much like his dad, Killer Kane." But then Max see's Freak, and Max know's that, Freak is the little Robot Kid from kindergarten. You can tell because he yelled out to Max," Die Earthling, Die," as he is making this gun shooting nose that makes him sound like a robot.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree that the theme says " Friends in the end," because of Max and Freak. In kindergarten Max and Freak where basically enemies. For example, Max was the Kicker, and Freak is the Robot Kid. But one day Max and Freak saw each other after a long time, and after getting to know each other, they became friends.

I can relate to this in my life because I remember having an enemy, but after a while, we became friends. Sometimes the people you hate most become better friends than the people you are already friends with.


The article of this flyer is about,"Friends in the end." In Freak the Mighty, Max and Freak become friends in the 8th grade. Max and Freak where friends because they probably knew that even though they where enemies, they will become friends. Friendship was very important to Max and Freak at the time. For example, they did help each other out when blade was coming to get them. What I would say is that even they weren't great friends in the beginning, they are great friends in the end. And it all started by meeting together in a house one day. And a reason why I like this book, is because of "Friendship."