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How to read a Compass and More!

The main to Know for you

There is a core in the middle of the Earth, the core is a metallic center that is very hot and a compass is something that can be very important to a compass. The tree main words that are important to the Earth and they are called Earth's Magnetic Field and Magnetosphere. With out these things that the Earth has we would not live the atmosphere would disappear, and the Earth would lose it's great look and it would turn cold and non color like the Moon, there would be no life. That is why the Magnetic Field and the Magnetosphere is so important to the life on Earth.
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Labeled Diagram of Earth's Magnetosphere and the Magnetic Field

The first thing is that the Magnetosphere is the dark blue lines. If we didn't not have the Magnetosphere the Earth would not have life. The Earth would become cold and non - useful for the planet to have life. The magnetic Field is the light blue lines, If we didn't have the Magnetic Field it would be that even if the Magnetic Field did change it would never effect on humans, because if you look at the fossils it did not change on them but it would change on birds because birds always fly South for Winter and fly North for Summer.