Snapshot - Home Learning Edition


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We would like to continue to share the achievements of our students during this uncertain time. Each week we will include new ideas for student challenges to do at home, nominations of students who we are celebrating in each subject, and updates from the home learning team. If you have done a piece of work you are really proud of, or have completed one of our challenges and would like to share it in Snapshot next week, please email this to with the title of the email being 'Snapshot', including a short description of your work, and we will choose a selection to share.

Gallery of Work:

This Saturday Miss Buffini will attempt to run 100 miles around her garden for NHS Charities Together. The aim is to start at 10am and complete it within about 24 hours. Miss Buffini has put fairy lights up to make the garden look pretty at night and has friends running virtually with her part of the way to keep her going. Fingers crossed she can complete this challenge. We will let you all know how she gets on in the next Snapshot.

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Virtual Sports Day:

We are excited to launch our CTS Virtual Sports Day. This will consist of 6 different challenges of which you can complete as many or as few as you like. There is a page on the home learning part of our website here with a link to our videos which give you more information about this and some demonstrations. This is an activity for all of the school community so please encourage ex-students and your family to get involved too. Please submit your scores through our Microsoft form also found on the website. Entries must be submitted by 12pm on Sunday 24th May. There will be a results show broadcast on Friday the 29th May.



  • Year 7 students Lacey, Kacper B, Ruby, Kyle, Marijah, Lucy, Kara, Oliver P, Jakub, Sandra, Todd and Dominik in Year 7 for their outstanding war poetry assignments. Your perceptive comparisons of Owen and Sassoon’s poems included detailed language analysis, precise use of quotations and terminology - and even clear links to context! We are incredibly impressed with your effort, well done.
  • Year 7 student Joshua B for his creative reimagining of Roald Dahl's Little Red Riding Hood Revolting Rhyme.
  • Year 8 students Falun and Dexter for dramatic gothic writing in last week's English assignment.
  • Year 10 student Rio for his wonderful effort on his poetry comparison- excellent detail in comparing two very complex poems, well done!


  • Year 7 students Chloe, Xavier, Kitty, Danills, Harry, Todd and Ellis for excellent effort and achievement on the assignment.
  • Year 8 student Kirsten – 100% on assignment.

  • Year 8s Isaac, Keira and Jack for completing 'Memri' tasks on Hegarty Maths.
  • Year 9 students Daria, Louis & Emma – 100% achieved on assignment.
  • Sanjay, year 9 – completed feedback and improved his assignment score.
  • Year 10 students Liam and Declan who have had an introduction to Year 11 work (Vectors)

  • Andre, Jack H, year 11– completing preparatory work for A Level.

  • Year 11 student Oliver – completing 'Memri' tasks on Hegarty Maths and achieving excellent results.


Miss Williams has nominated Year 8 students Falun and Robert for the great fitness circuit cards they produced for their assignment.


Year 7 Geography - the following students did exceptionally well on their assignments:

7TE: Maya, Alfie, Olivia

7CO: Olivier J, Dominik, Isabella, Lacey, Zhivko, Angela, Olivier P and Todd.

7ST: Ruby and Matthew

7TA: Arina

7CA: Scarlett, Lily and Sai-Aaditya

7SW: Mariyah, Zsodia, Xavier, Shanice and Jake.

Kyle and Chloe 7ST submitted superbly written History assignments:

Lucy 7Ta, Oliver P 7CO, and Isabella 7CO produced lovely work in their History essays


Year 9 student Annie prepared and cooked an amazing Paella as part of her Spanish assignment, it looked amazing! (see photo below)

Computer Science:

The Computer Science department would like to nominate Year 7 students Robert, Oliver P and Greta for showing superb resilience in problem solving through the coding of their Cat and Mouse games in Scratch. The confident use of key programming techniques shown by these students is outstanding!


These Year 7 students completed a fantastic Science assignment: Lacey, Dominik, Todd, Oliver P and Isabella.

Design Technology:

Year 10 students Aidan, Shaylan and Ana for achieved the highest marks in this week's assignment task so far. It was a difficult assignment based on core content. Well done!


The link for this week's assembly is below, we will have a break for the two week holiday and the next assembly will be Wednesday 27th May.

Home Learning Nomination

Year 9 student Annie prepared and cooked this amazing Paella as part of the Spanish challenge, it looks amazing!
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Year 7 student Alfie has created this fantastic Minecraft reconstruction in celebration of VE day this week, well done Alfie!
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Alfie also created this lovely recycled art science project.
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Year 7 student Rhys sketched an idea and asked his dad to get him some work from his yard. On Saturday 25th April he set to work with a little guidance from his dad and made an amazing planter. He now has orders rolling in from grandparents so his weekends will be busy making planters ready to deliver when this is all over.
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Sammah in Year 9 would like to share with you some art work she has created (with a little help from doggie 'Max'). Sammah has dedicated her creations to the NHS.
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Snapshot Student Challenges

Each week we will be setting you some extra challenges on Snapshot to do at home. Send us pictures of your successes to: to share in our next edition.

Life Skills Challenge

Make a meal for the people you live with. You could try out a new recipe or maybe even invent something new based on ingredients you have at home. Ready, steady, cook!

Pictures below are from last week's 'Waste not, want not' challenge. Year 8 Rhian fixed some broken pegs - good work!

Creative Commission

Create a sculpture or piece of artwork using natural materials from your garden or local green space. You could use leaves, flowers, or branches.

Enrichment Inspiration

Write a letter to a friend or family member that you haven’t seen in a while. You may also like to write to an elderly person for our tutor time initiative from BBC Northampton.

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Weekly Winners

April 27th – May 3rd

Highest number of students taking quizzes – 7CO & 7TA & 7TE
Highest number of quizzes passed – 7CO & 7TA
Highest number of words read – 7TA

Focus Feature

This week the focus is on our English department, here are the books the team are currently reading.

Careers News:

Careers information is being sent through Tutor groups in Teams and our Careers Advisor Julie Thompson can be contacted for advice by either parents or students via email at: