Soul Wedding Workshop 10-01-16

Celebrate life, celebrate you! Say yes to all that you are!

New life resolutions

Instead of making new years resolutions I invite you to make a new life resolution for 2016. It's quit common to make beautiful and provound promisses to a nother person and celebrate these with an amazing wedding feast. But isn't the relationship you have with yourself the most important one? Why not create a wedding ceremony about the promisses you make to yourself, in good & in bad times untill a blissful enernity and far beyond? That is what this full-day workshop is all about.

Say what???

A marriage to myself?

Yes, I'm talking about a marriage to yourself. I invite you to go on this journey with me. To give yourself this amazing present. The present of creating the time and a sacred space to consciously work on the love relationship with yourself, the promisses you make to your soul and how you are going to take care of them.

During this full day workshop I will guide you on a beautiful travel within. We are going through a deep group process and will be preparing for a magical ceremony at the end of the day.