The Chung Chronicles

April is here, and spring is in the air. Here's what's been happening in 5C.

Recent News

Recycled Robot

For an Earth Day science project, please send in CLEAN recyclable materials, such as plastic bottles, empty food boxes, egg cartons, plastic food containers, paper towel tubes, jar lids, etc. (Note: please avoid sending in glass items as they could break. Also, please be mindful of any cans or other metals with sharp edges.)

We can also use some strong tape to hold the robot together.

Middle School World Language Selection

You should soon be receiving a letter with detailed instructions as to how you can sign your child up for the language of their choice via Genesis. Of the three languages (French, German, and Spanish), you should be able to select your top two choices.

Donation Request

We're in need of more tissues! We're down to 3 boxes.



We are finishing up our Holocaust unit and enjoyed watching "Number the Stars" at Haddonfield Plays and Players this week.


We are embarking on a memoir unit, fitting for this time of year and for 5th graders as they reflect upon elementary school, their identity, and what they've learned in their 10-11 years.


Area and volume are the name of the game. Children should know how to find the area of triangles, rectangles, and parallelograms.

Social Studies

There were many more explorers beyond Christopher Columbus. Ask your child about why explorers came to the Americas, and from what countries.


After our Earth Day project, we will continue exploring STEM activities with Spheros (see our class Twitter page for recent updates), and cap off the year with the marble roller coaster project.