EM Wave Spectrum

by: Kaitlyn Generali

What is a EM Wave Spectrum?

A EM wave spectrum is a disturbance that transfers energy through a magnetic field

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Radio Wave

A radio wave is a wave used for long-distance communication. This wave has a low frequency. This wave is safe. Some examples that use a radio wave are a cellphone or a TV.


  1. Microwaves are used in radar, in communications, and for heating microwaves and in industrial processes. This wave has a low frequency. A microwave is a safe wave. Some examples that use microwaves is a microwave and cellphones.

Infrared Wave

Infrared waves are emitted by heat or thermal radiation. This wave has a low frequency. This wave is also safe. Some examples that use infrared waves are mostly everything that can change temperatures, even the human body gives off infrared waves everyday.

Visible Light

Visible light waves are wavelengths that are visible to most human eyes. Visible light is the colors of the rainbow because each color is a different wave length. Red had the longest wavelength and violet had the shortest. This wave as a semi-low frequency. Visible light is safe. Everything we see is visible light.

Ultraviolet Radiation

Ultraviolet radiation is a form of energy coming from the sun. This wave has a high frequency and can burn your skin. Ultraviolet waves aren't that safe because they can cause skin damage or melanoma (a less common skin cancer). An example of an ultraviolet wave is the Sun.


A X-Ray is a photographic of the internal composition of something, usually a body part. X-Ray's have high frequencies. These waves are not safe.

Gamma Ray

Gamma rays is the product of radioactive atoms. This wave has very high frequencies. These waves are not safe. An example of a gamma ray would be the medicine doctors use to treat cancer.