Advantages of Using Linux Server

Advantages of Using Linux Server Over Windows

We all know that the process of web hosting is important for any website, or the business. Thus best web hosting in India services and domain name registration services are the two important steps that we can count on. As today the article is solely on web server hosting then we shall only concentrate on great and quality hosting service India. You may be confused that which hosting server is to take. Whether, it is Linux or Windows. If you are still thinking which one is the best to have the server with, you have to continue with the article. It is known to all that in the industry for operating systems we have these two most important names such as Linux and Windows. So both these two operating systems have their own pros and cons.

Simultaneously if we are talking about servers then we should talk about some statistics as well. It is very significant, do you know that a huge portion of the market Linux servers are getting to be? Yes, this is very much truth and in the other part, according to some sources, we came to know that Windows servers have increased 28.2 percent year over year in recent times. Not only that, if we go by a survey which is done by an organization, then it is clear that Linux server revenue grew 30.0 percent to $1.8 billion. As we can say that it is always a tough competition between these two industry leading operating systems.

Benefits of using linux server

Open source: Linux programs are open source so easily customize or modify the code however they wish to.But in windows its too difficult.

Cost: The majority of Linux variants are available with much lower price with reliable one than Microsoft Windows.

Software: It has a large variety of software programs, utilities, and games. However, Windows has a much larger selection of available software.In windows it takes larger selection of programs.

Security: Linux has very secured operating system but in windows often vulnerable to viruses and other attacks

This article has very brief but strong information about hosting server services and what people are opting towards. It is one of the rules in the industry that people do follow what others are doing and it helps in taking the right decision as well. If we talk about the best web hosting in India services, then I must say that you better contact to the Sri Ganesh Hosting as they are the pioneer in hosting service India

We can say that according to all reports presented Linux is eminently better suited to server use. Windows is another name of trust and if you require the old school of hosting server, you can go for Windows hosting server.

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