Canada 2060 Assignment

What will Canada look like in 2060.


"My dream is for people around the world to look up and too see Canada like a little jewel sitting at the top of the continent."- Tommy Douglas. Canada is the home to magnificent hockey players such as Wayne Gretzky and Sidney Crosby, delicious maple syrup, and the most pleasant humans you will ever find. Did I mention that Canada also has one the best security systems, education, and healthcare for everyone. That must be why everyone feels so safe in Canada and likes living there. In 2060, Canada will be a more developed country (if that is possible) than it is right now, with amazing technology, rich people, and a small population. Keep reading to find out more in depth information about how I believe Canada will look like in the year 2060.



Immigrating to Canada currently is very hard. This is because of how developed and educated the country is. Canada only allows well educated parents and their families to enter Canada. It has certain requirements for families like:

  • Health,
  • Language, and
  • Mainly Education.

People need points for all these requirements which adds up to let them in the country. If you don't have enough points you will be rejected to enter Canada.


In 2060, I predict that immigrating to Canada will be much harder than it is right now. By that I mean that all the requirements to get into Canada right now will be more advanced and the Prime Minister will be more strict on the immigrants. In fact there will be even more requirements to get into Canada. One might include having a professional degree to get into Canada since some people immigrating to Canada right now don't have one but are still allowed in.

Pull Factors:

  • Welfare
  • Job Opportunities
  • Free Education Up To High School -
  • Free Health Care
  • Diversity

Push Factors:

  • Taxes
  • Climate
  • Loss of Job
  • Low Salary

Immigration Rate in 2060 Prediction: About 30,000 people per year.

Province of Settlement: Ontario, or Quebec because they are the most populated provinces in all of Canada and people like being at places where there are a lot of people around. Since there are a lot of people around that means there will be a lot of job opportunities for adults and schools for kids and teenagers.

Country of Origin: Most immigrants that come to Canada are from Europe but the rest are usually from United Kingdom. In 2060, I believe our immigrants will come mostly from India, and China because it is over populated there and I believe it still will be in the year 2060. Canada needs people that are looking forward to be for example a doctor or engineer so they can help strengthen our economy.



Population of Canada:

  • About 35.8 million
Top 3 most populated provinces:
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • B.C.
Population Growth Rate:
  • 0.76%
Crude Birth Rate:
  • 10.28 births/1,000 population
Crude Death Rate:
  • 7.87 deaths/1,000 population
Net Migration Rate:
  • 5.66 migrant(s)/1,000 population
Total Fertility Rate:
  • 1.59 children born/woman
Crude Natural Increase Rate:
  • 2.41 increase/1,000 population

Future (Prediction):

Population of Canada in 2060:

  • About 4.5 million because not that many people will be having kids during that period of time since they will be busy with their jobs and finding their children great education.
Population Growth Rate in 2060:
  • 0.14%
Crude Birth Rate:
  • 9.85 births/1,000 population because adults in that time period wont have as much kids as people did 50 years ago.
Crude Death Rate:
  • 11.64 deaths/1,000 population because there wont be as much babies being born in the year 2060, so we will have to experience deaths of people born long time ago.
Crude Natural Increase Rate:
  • -1.79 increase/1,000 population because the birth rate is lower than the death rate so the natural increase rate will obviously down to the negative.
Total Fertility Rate:
  • 1.78 children born/woman

First Nations


The largest First Nations population was in Ontario in the year 2011. About 23.6% of First Nations people in Canada lived there. The second largest First Nations population was in British Columbia. About 18.2% of First Nations people in Canada lived there. Finally, the third largest First Nations population lived in Alberta. About 13.7% of First Nations people in Canada lived there. More than 1.3 million First Nations in Canada in the year 2011.


  • 201,100 First Nations
British Columbia:
  • 155,020 First Nations
  • 116,670 First Nations

The First Nations communities are either large or small, it all depends on if it is in an urban or rural area. The First Nations communities exist throughout Canada.

Future (2060):

The First Nations communities in Canada will change a lot by 2060. The First Nations will be expanding in population because they will be having a lot of kids which means large families. While the rest of the population will be decreasing in size because people will be busy with their jobs and education for their kids, so they won't really have enough time to make more babies.

Areas First Nations will be Mostly Living in (Prediction):

  • North West Territories because it's not really populated there and since there will be a lot of First Nations, they wouldn't want to be living in populated areas.
  • Alberta because there are a lot of farms there and most First Nations like living in areas where you use your hands to work since they are used to doing that centuries ago.
  • Ontario because the people who don't like living in non-populated areas might like it in Ontario since it will be still very populated there in the year 2060.

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Overall I believe that Immigration, Demography, and First Nations will be the most visual change in the year 2060 for Canada. It will be a lot harder to immigrate to Canada than it is right now in 2060 because there will be a lot more requirements you will need to immigrate. The birth rate will decrease and the death rate will increase in the year 2060 because parents won't be having as many kids as people did years ago which means we will need to experience a lot more deaths in Canada. People will talk about deaths since that will happen more often than births. The First Nations will expand in population in 2060 since they will be having more kids than the rest of the people in Canada. Immigration, Demography, and First Nations are very important topics in Canadian Geography.


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