Americans In Space

By:Molly Russell


  • First man on the moon was Neil Armstrong
  • Second person on the moon was Edwin E.Aldrin
  • In 1962 Neil Armstrong walked on the moon
  • First American and second person in space was Alan Shepard
  • The firs t man on a orbital flight was Alan Shepard
  • Gus Grissom the second person to fly in space and the first member of the NASA
  • In 1962 he became the fourth american in space and second to orbit the earth was Scott Carpenter
  • The fifth person in space was Wally Schirra
  • CRASH-Mad first space flight on July 21,1961 landed in the Atlantic Ocean
  • FIRE-Virgil Grissom an astronaut's Edward White and Roger Chaffed were killed on January 27,1967