Concentration Camp Life

By: James McGuire

Life in the Camp

In Nazi Germany, Jews and the handicapped were brought to concentration camps to be worked to death. If they survive the work, they would likely to never be seen again as they would be sent to the gas chamber. The food in concentration camps was very minimal, and each person got a small ration of bread for the day. People were dying from starvation, disease, and exhaustion. German officers surrounded and guarded the camp. Men, women, and even children were brought to the camp to die.

The Final Solution

In Hitler's eyes, Germany needed to be cleansed of Jews, handicapped, and anyone who might slow them down. The people lived in fear and couldn't stand up for their rights without being killed. Hitler had complete power and it lead to possibly the largest scale extermination in history. Nazi Germany is officially estimated to have been the cause of about 11 million deaths.
Auschwitz - Nazi German Concentration Camp

Walk Through Auschwitz

This video is a walk through of Auschwitz as a museum. I chose it because it presents the physical way of life of these camps without having to see all the dead bodies. It shows the bunk beds I mentioned, the train system, and the gas chambers that killed so many.