5th Grade News!

For the Week of February 23-27

Learning Objectives

Language Arts

  • Reading: making inferences, summarizing, and paraphrasing informational text
  • Writing: revising, editing, publishing, and celebrating informational article

***Expository Text Reading Test on Thursday, February 26***

***On Demand Writing (Expository) on Friday, February 27***


  • Studying interactions between organisms in an environment - food chains and food webs

***Food Chain and Food Web Assessment on Friday, February 27 (Students may use their notes)***


  • Converting Customary Measurement Units

Social Studies

  • Identifying, discussing, and analyzing events leading up to the Civil War

***Test on Causes of the Civil War on Friday, February 27***


Reading Homework #6: Due Friday, February 27

Homework will be posted on Edmodo. There is no reader's response this week. Please follow the directions on the assignment.

Math Homework: Due Friday, February 27

Math Homework #7

Science Homework: Due Friday, February 27


Information and News

Read, Deed, Run

Read, Deed, Run is continuing to collect snack pouches, drink pouches, used markers, glue sticks, glue bottles, and ink cartridges. These can be sent to school in a baggie at any time this school year.


Teachers have Packpon forms available if you didn't purchase the value pack and would like to participate this nine weeks. Packpon activities and dates are as follows:

Bring a Board Game Day - 3/6

Lunch with Teacher - TBA

Kickball with your switch class - TBA

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