By: Evie Perkins

History of Coke

Coca-Cola the world famous soda all started with John Pemberton and it was actually and accident.... this is how it started. One day in 1886 John Pemberton tested his tonic he had made for headaches. To his surprise it tasted good. he asked a local soda fountain in his town of Atlanta to serve it as soft drink... it almost instantly became a hit. And the rest is history!

Progression of Coke

At first Coca-Cola was simply syrup mixed in with water. But then one day by accident someone mixed the syrup in with carbonated water instead of flat water. Everyone liked the carbonated drink better then the flat drink so it was now served carbonated.During this transition from flat to bubbly, Coke was bought by Asa Candler. When he was approached with the idea of bottling Coke he sprung on it . He even created a different kind of bottle so it would stand out.

During the Cola Wars when Coke and Pepsi were trying to each beat each other in in having the best soft drink Coke changed the ingredients in the drink which also changed the flavor. Fans were outraged and sales dropped dramatically. They almost immediately switched it back and the soda we drink today is still the same as it was then. Nowadays we think of Coca-Cola in a red can... one of their many iconic symbols.

Coke's Impact on Society

The main reason the company the company was started was because of the loyal fans of Coke. Everyone loved the drink so much Mr. Pemberton just decided to keep going. The impact of Coke on society is insurmountable. It has started charities all around the world to provide people with food and a home. It employs thousands of people in the many bottling plants they have worldwide. And it also started the bid soft drink craze. Without Coke who knows if the soda craze would have started. Would we even have soft drinks?

People of Coke

Dr. John Pemberton is the person who brought Coca-Cola into the world. Dr. Pemberton created tonics (syrups that were supposed to cure you of ailments). One day after he made a syrup for headaches he loved how it tasted and decided to sell it as a soft drink. After John passed away Asa candler bought the company later he sold it to Ernest Woodruff. When Woodruff passed away in 1944 the company was bought by the Kent family. Now Muhtar Kent is the CEO and owner of Coke.
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Coke Product

Cokes most famous drink is obviously Coca-Cola. But Diet Coke and Coke Zero are also very well known. The most important drink sold is Coke because it is Coca-Cola's mission to make sure everyone young and old, rich and poor has a Coke before they die. This product is often marketed with emotional appeal with US troops or people united from around the world holding one. Coke is also often marketed with testimonial.This will be where they have a famous person holding a Coke. Now they will have iconic symbols like Taylor Swift and Gabby Douglas taking a sip of the worlds most known soft drink.
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