DHS Community Update

Week of 9/25/2020

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Planning for Transition to Hybrid on October 19, 2020

Greetings DHS Community Members:

I hope this weekly DHS Community Update finds you well and remaining healthy. As we complete another week of remote learning and our Athletic and Music programs begin to ramp up, the Leadership Team, lead by Assistant Principal Michael Martin, remain busy readying the building for the transition to our Hybrid Learning Plan which is scheduled to take place on October 19, 2020. While we realize that October 19th is still several weeks away, I want to begin to share some of the important safety protocols that we will have in place when the time comes.

While additional details regarding safety protocols will be the focus of upcoming DHS Community Updates, I want to begin with the basics. The basics are our best line of defense against the transmission of COVID-19 and when implemented with fidelity will help to establish a culture of health and wellness within Dartmouth High School. There are four basic steps we will all take at Dartmouth High School. Those basics include the following:

  1. Mask-Up DHS! Every person, staff and students alike, are required to wear a mask while on campus at Dartmouth High School. Masks should be at-least two-ply and the policy adopted by the Dartmouth School Committee explicitly prohibits the use of gaiters and/or bandannas because of their limited effectiveness.
  2. Practice excellence in hand hygiene! Faculty and students are required to immediately sanitize their hands upon entry to the building. Hand sanitizing stations have been placed throughout the building, including at all the points of entry.
  3. Maintain 6 feet distancing. All faculty, staff and students should maintain a minimal distance of 6 feet from one another throughout the time they are on the DHS Campus.
  4. Know the symptoms, and NO, do NOT come to Dartmouth High School if you have any of them. We ask that parents assist us in ensuring your children are symptom free prior to sending them to Dartmouth High School. Students exhibiting symptoms will be isolated from other members of the DHS Community and will be sent home immediately.

While these practices are very basic, they represent the best way that we can collectively ensure all members of the DHS Community are able to learn in a healthy environment. I look forward to sharing additional information related to our safety protocols as we get close to our transition.


Ross A. Thibault


Remote Learning In Progress

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From the Desk of the Associate Principal

AP Exam Update

Students are currently registering online for AP exams through the College Board My AP website. Payment will be made through the Town of Dartmouth website. AP exams will continue to be administered in May. The exam fee has increased since last year, and there will be a $40 fee for late registration (after Nov. 13).

Deadline dates: $50.00 deposit per exam must be made by October 30, 2020. If you receive Free/Reduced lunch, a $10.00 deposit per exam must be made. Balance is due by February 26, 2021. You may pay in full by October 30th if you choose.

  • Regular Exam Fee: $95.00 each

  • Seminar/Research Exam Fee: $143 each

  • Free/Reduced: $20.00 each

To make payment please click the following link: AP Exam Payment.

School Counseling & Support Services Department Updates

School Counseling Updates

  • School Counselors will be hosting Future Fridays for the Class of 2021 during PASE period each Fridays. This week's topics include: the Common Application and College Essay. Topics will change weekly. Sign up in Enriching Students under Guidance.

  • Schedule changes can continue to be submitted until Tuesday, September 29th. Students should submit changes using this form.

  • SAT test on November 7th - registration deadline is October 7th

  • ACT test on October 24th - registration deadline is September 25th

School Social Workers Update

  • Social workers are available during the school day to support students and families with any social-emotional wellness needs.

  • Students can sign up in Enriching Students to see a social worker during the PASE period (8:35 a.m.-9:15 a.m.).

  • Students can also sign up for an appointment with a social worker using the links below:

A-H - Mrs. Kristianna Fontes Callahan - Appointment Time Slots

I-P - Mrs. Cathy Thomas - Appointment Time Slots

Q-Z - Mrs. Stephanie Nocon - Appointment Time Slots

  • Social workers are working on padlet with resources for families. What is a padlet? Padlet is an online virtual “bulletin” board. Padlet Link

  • Parents Helping Parents (PHP) of Massachusetts is a community resource that provides free and confidential support to all parents of Massachusetts. PHP offers weekly online virtual support groups and also a 24/7 Parental Stress Hotline. 1-800-632-8188.

  • Parents or guardians with problems relating to their children should not hesitate to call. Trained volunteer counselors offer a way to relieve stress in an environment which is non-judgmental along with being sympathetic. We offer support to anyone seeking it no matter how big or small. We offer a translation service so if you, or someone you know, needs a translator please don't hesitate to call us.

Updates from the DHS Virtual Learning Academy

Dartmouth High School hosted a Virtual Learning Academy Parents Night for the 55 students currently enrolled. Parents were provided with important information necessary to support their child's success.

If you were unable to attend or would like access to the Edgenuity Family Portal in order to monitor your child's progress, please reach out to Assistant Principal, Richard Gill by email at richardgill@dartmouthschools.org or by phone at 508-961-2700 ext. 7421.

DHS Virtual Learning Academy Parent Presentation

From the DHS Health Office

Reminders from the Health Office....

  • New immunization requirements for ALL students: FLU VACCINE
  • New immunization requirement for Grade 11 (age 16): MENINGOCOCCAL VACCINE

Included below please find links to documents answering some frequently asked questions about these vaccinations.

FAQ Influenza Vaccine Requirement For School Attendance

FAQ Meningococcal Vaccine Requirement for School Entry

The start of Hybrid learning is just around the corner. Please provide documentation to the health office of compliance to these new health requirements.

  • Please call the nurse at 508-961-2742 if your child has either tested positive for COVID-19 or is a close contact of someone who has tested positive.
  • Please call the above number to schedule a delivery of any medication (Epipen, inhalers, daily medication, etc) before the transition to Hybrid Learning.

Thank you and be well,

Mrs. Wildrick & Nurse Kristi

Homework Hangout

A great big thank you to our New Student Mentors for stepping up and offering their support to students who need extra help through our Homework Hangout. Homework Hangout is intended to support any student who might need help with any school assignments. Homework Hangout will begin virtually next Tuesday, September 29 and will run after school from 2:15 - 3:15 every Tuesday and Thursday.

Please follow this link to access Homework Hangout during those days and times: Homework Hangout Meet Link.

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Virtual Orientation Teacher Trivia Winners!

Congratulations to the following DHS students for submitting their responses to the Freshman Teacher Trivia Scavenger Hunt which was part of our Virtual Class of 2024 and New Student Orientation Program! Please contact Mrs. English by email at AngelaEnglish@dartmouthschools.org to schedule a time to pick up your prize!

Olive Arruda

Donovan Burgo

Olivia Chaves

Brooke Davis

Lillian Gillis

Abigail Moura

Rosanais Pereyra

Chase Roderigues

Sarah Veloso

Makai Vincent

Remote Learning Reminders

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Remote Learning Safety Nets

The faculty and staff at Dartmouth High School are aware students and families are anxious about remote learning, including how students will be graded. Please be aware that we have several safety nets in place.

One safety net is the design of the Grading Policy itself. Students were made aware during the opening advisory session and by teachers throughout the opening week, that formative assessments as well as summative assessments are able to be revisited, resubmitted or retaken by doing the following:

  1. Within 1 week of receiving the results of their formative/summative assessment, students should request the opportunity to revisit the assessment by speaking directly with their teacher either during a Google Meet or by sending an email.
  2. The teacher will consult with the student to make them aware of what they need to do in order to prepare for the 2nd attempt. In some cases this may include completing an assignment they had not yet turned in, in other cases it might simply be to correct mistakes made on the first attempt, or to verbally conference with the teacher to discuss the upcoming 2nd attempt.
  3. Schedule a mutually convenient time to sit for and complete the 2nd attempt.

Students and families should be aware that whatever score they receive on the 2nd attempt--better or worse--is the grade that will remain in calculating the student's term grade.

Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the availability of members of our Student Support Team. The breakdown, by alphabet is included below. Additionally, students are always able to reach out to their advisor should they have any questions.

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