The effect of music on the human

The effect of music on the brain is undeniable

You will be amazed and amazed by reading these 10 facts about how music affects brain function.

Do you feel good and relaxed while listening to music? Do you feel for a moment that you are free from all the problems of life? If you love listening to music, then you are one of the property jirga. New research shows that listening to music improves mental health and enhances the health of the body in a strange and amazing way. The human brain has a very complex function that in many cases even we cannot comprehend. اهنگ تی ام بکس کی کی After extensive research, researchers have discovered the profound effect of music on the function of this vital organ of the human body.

1. When you listen to music due to the release of dopamine hormone by the brain, you feel a tremor throughout your body.

In fact, the tremor occurs just at the peak of the song. Dopamine is a hormone that is secreted in your body when you feel happy and pleasure and is directly related to your excitement and excitement. دوباره دل هوای با تو بودن کردهThe research also revealed why music has played such a vital role in all human emotional occasions since creation.

2. There are very limited activities that activate all parts of the brain, and music is one of them.

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) imaging, a research team recorded the brain function of a sample group listening to music. FMRI is a type of imaging that captures alternating images of the brain working and then resting and then digitally subtracts these images from each other,چرا رفتی the result of which shows the physiological function of the brain due to changes in blood flow. The findings suggest that listening to music activates auditory areas and utilizes large volumes of neural networks in the brain. In fact, researchers believe that listening to music can activate emotional, stimulus and creativity areas in the brain.

3. Playing music at regular intervals will change the structure of your brain.

Brain flexibility, also called neural flexibility, means the brain's ability to change at any age. This change can be for the better or for the worse the brain. As you can imagine, this flexibility plays a very important role in the development or decline of the brain, as well as in the formation of our distinctive personalities. When you are learning or playing music, the cortex level in musicians (professional, intermediate or even beginner) will be at its highest possible and at normal people will be at its lowest. زیبا صنم آواره ترین عاشق دنیا منم (The cortex is the gray matter that covers the surface of the brain, which is directly related to intelligence and mental abilities.)

4. The reaction of the brain at the moment of listening to music is the same as the reaction at the moment of eating.

In fact, music makes you happier. As mentioned earlier, dopamine is a chemical hormone that is secreted into the brain. This chemical is directly related to the feeling of satisfaction or happiness. The feeling of satisfaction that comes from addiction, emotional relationships and even eating, and dopamine is exactly the hormone that will make a person enjoy doing these actions. Research on the use of musical instruments in people shows that the brain activity of people at the moment of using music is exactly the same as the brain activity when eating the person's favorite food.زندگیم عینه دریای بی اب So the next time you need emotional reinforcement, listen to your favorite song for 15 minutes. That's all you need to do to get better!

5. Listening to music while exercising can significantly improve your performance.

Recent research has shown that music is a necessity for some athletes, and for many who run, briskly, or exercise in any form, not something extra and fancy! In the last 10 years, a lot of research has been done on the role of music in sports and it has become clear why it is almost impossible for many people to exercise without music. Music can change the state of mind and body during exercise, distract from pain and fatigue, boost mood, increase endurance, and even increase metabolic function. آهنگ آخ که دلم آب شد It can be said that music is a legal and authorized drug for doping in sports! So if you want to maximize your performance while exercising, listen to songs that inspire you.

6. The reason you are interested in a particular song is most likely because of the strong emotional connection you have with the lyrics.

Our interest in a song and choosing that song as our favorite piece and song that we are willing to listen to over and over again can be the content of that song and the emotional relationship and memory that we have and have with it. Although many people change their favorite song with the release of new pieces in the market, it has been proven that songs that have been on our favorite list for a long time necessarily evoke memories in our minds or their lyrics are directly related to events. The feeling of our lives.

7. Your heart rate will change according to the music you are listening to.

Music can regulate your heart rate, blood pressure and even your breathing. A study of 24 volunteers found that people who played an instrument for a while or even listened to music continuously were significantly more able to distinguish different sounds, even when watching a movie in a language, than normal people. They have others. Unexpected results of this study showed that different sounds cause changes in the cardiovascular system and brainstem of these people and also control some involuntary behaviors such as breathing and heart rate.

8. The effect of soft music on reducing stress acts like a great massage session and improves health.

Listening to a song you enjoy lowers the level of the hormone cortisol in the body and thus drastically reduces the level of stress in your body. This is important because stress is known to cause 60% of all illnesses and diseases. مهدی جهانی پاییز بی بهار So we recommend that you turn on the radio during the day, sing along with it, or even tap your foot on the floor to keep it healthy and relaxed during the day.

9. Listening to happy or sad music can greatly affect how you view the environment and how you perceive the world around you.

When we say a piece of music is happy or sad, it is not just because the music makes us feel special. Instead, our brains react differently to happy and sad music. Our brain is constantly comparing information received through the sense of sight with the realities we expect from the world around us based on knowledge and experience. Ultimately, the end result of our minds is what we receive from the real world. فرزاد فرخ عاشقم باشTherefore, happy songs that raise your spirits and feelings of happiness will clearly have a direct impact on your perception of the world around you.

10. Ear cream; A party of sound or audio addiction.

An earwax is a piece of music, a piece of melody, or even a rhyme from a poem that is attached to a person's mind and is repeated over and over in the mind.

Earwax is actually an involuntary musical imagery. A 15 to 20 second loop of a piece of music that can last in the brain for minutes, hours, اهنگ ما علاقمون بهم خیلی شدیده or even days. This mental unconscious happens because of the presence of active pieces of music in our short-term memory. In other words, the brain is still playing this part of the song, while it has been a long time since it was finished.

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