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We here at Angels Lit Amazing Travel Agency are dedicated and will stay up with you and help you plan the best trip to your liking. With this Dedication, we have had so many trips planned and so many famous athletes, actors, and celebrities of the like have used this very company. To get where they wanted, while not breaking the bank and losing out on buying souvenirs! We have planned a lot of vacations, Including Tony Romo's trip to the Bahamas after his devastating back injury. It is safe to say his back And his back were in the best attitude after using our company. This is because we are a stress free, hassle free, company that will not only work with you but keep helping you as you progress towards your trip and during. We have also planned DeMarco Murray's trip to Spain, as he will need time to reflect as he is being replaced with the latest draft of the cowboys. As this is still going on, he still send us postcards every other day and he is happy in all of them! During this trip he was able to do his favorite hobby of riding around the streets of Venice on a motorbike and see the scenery. This company, as stated before, helps you with the planning and during all stages of development. We understand that Vacations are difficult so we offer loans during your vacation so that you may have all the fun you want! What you do with this loan is up to you, but, we here at ALATA is family friendly, we do not want the minors that are going to involve themselves in any of the following, SMOKING,DRINKING,RUNNING AWAY,DRIVING UNDERAGE,AND LEAVING YOUR PARENTS.

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Friday, Sep. 2nd, 4:15pm to Sunday, Sep. 11th, 11pm


With this lovely description of yourself, i have chosen the ideal place for you, Cuba! This is not far from you, and i understand you collect sea shells, but this is also the place of the international shell collecting contest! While this is not just enjoyable only for you this is meant to be a romantic getaway for you and your husband, this is why i have rented a whole coast side seafood restaurant. The restaurant is the perfect scene of love, showing petals flying and zipping though the air, waterfalls dripping down on the rocks below while you listen to the smooth relaxing music of jazz whizzing in the background. The optional selection of private music to be played there is also available as well, one of my well known associates, Tyler Battery, plays every instrument you can think of, and can learn any song you want. I understand you want to study the effects of hurricanes so this is why i am sending you during hurricane season. I want you to enjoy yourself all day, every day. This is why i am going to send you with a 250$ gift card so you can live it up with your husband. And with a Romantic getaway there is always a slow, relaxing walk down a dark beach so this is why i am sending you during a new moon. So whatever you lovebirds do, it wont be seen by anyone else. You know you are loving this place and wanting a break from all the school work, so why not call us and schedule this Amazing getaway with ALATA today? 940-333-2567

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Cuba Vacation Travel Video Guide


Thursday, Jan. 5th 2017 at 9pm to Wednesday, Jan. 11th 2017 at 8:15pm


With this awesome personality description of you, ALATA was able to choose the most ideal spot for you to "hang out", and it is Sydney Australia! Not only is this city famous for the movie nemo, in just a few offset of months, this will be your future vacation spot and your favorite one ever! I understand you have to put up with annoying kids in your average day, but get away from that life and enjoy the scenery here! Come Whisper with the manatees in one of the best diving spots in the world! the reef is so colorful some colors have yet to be discovered, The fish swim so close to your face it is very immersive. But don't be bias, swim with all the animals and mammals you want! Sharks, Dolphins! i assure that they will love you and want to swim with you till the moon comes up. But when the struggle is too hard, and you find yourself tired. Take a break and go clubbing and dancing! There is a reason Sydney is called the party house of the world. And you are going there! i Understand you also want to dive and swim in the night with bright lights so i will be sending you on a new moon in January. I will be sending you in January because it is the perfect time when it is Winter in the US and you are off from break from those pesky kids of yours. But because Australia is on the opposing hemisphere it is Summer there! You know you want to go and you know that you are shaking in your chair wanting to go so why not just call us and order this immersive trip that you want to go to today? 940-333-2567
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Sydney, Australia Travel Guide - Must-See Attractions

Coach Wilson

Saturday, April 9th, 9pm to Wednesday, April 20th, 11pm

Florida, United States


Thank you for the amazing description and bio of yourself i was able to use this to remotely find you the best possible location we have compiled it to be Florida! This is the perfect place for all the hotties to check you out! During spring break, You can get your athleticism and push it to the max as you enjoy a coast side volleyball game, salty air in the mist, the sand in your toes, the cap on your head to block the harmful rays of the sun, Florida has been names best sandcastle building spot to go in the world! You will meet all kind of colorful people there, ready to be supportive and help you! Imagine the sand squishing between your toes as you step forward to take that hit on the volleyball. Although they might not understand you i hear you loud and clear, You want the moon to get brighter as you stay and this is exactly what i have done to your specifications. Now imaging yourself picking up the phone and calling us today to order and setup your vacation! 940-333-2467
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Florida Vacation Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

Monday, Jan. 23rd 2017 at 9pm to Wednesday, Feb. 1st 2017 at 11pm

Alaska, United States


Thank you for the bio Mr.Jones! You will not be disappointed when i send you to Alaska for all the right reasons! You can break out that metal detector if you wish, cause you will be walking the beaches picking up all the booty, but if you ever get tired you can lay down in the snowy beach and make an angel if you would like. This is the perfect location to participate in the polar plunge challenge as water has never been colder! We have sub -10f water. Brr, Remember to pack a coat! Imagine running along the beach and both the sand and the snow squishing through your toes. The reason i have picked these days is because you have specified a partially lit moon that gets darker as you go on throughout your amazing adventure! And you can have it all today! if you just call this toll free number and order today. 940-333-2467
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✈Alaska ►Vacation Travel Guide


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