Stop Bird Droppings

By Luke and Ben


Bird Droppings should be removed by the school cleaners every week at schools. Why? Because we can have a lot of problems caused by bird poop. the picture to the right is our current School Grounds =======>

And bellow is an example for when this should happen (Don't count the MAR 15TH)

Time for Bird Poop Clean Up

Friday, Mar 15th, 3:45pm

Genoa Street

Como, NSW

Time for the cleaners to clean up the bird droppings today!

Well to start

Bird droppings cause’s fungus to grow when it slips into the cuts in the human body.

And this can cause

Horrible stench and appearance for the school and stop money going to the school causing poor treatment for the students and stopping enrollment.


Fresh bird droppings can also make people slip and fall, and get criticized by their mum for being covered in bird droppings and send them to another school causeing a bad reputation


If a school receives too many negative comments then the school may stop receiving money and go out of business only to leave many unemployed.


This leads us to the end in where I and a lot of others want and will fight for the bird droppings to be cleaned up at least once a week