Solo Project

Cripple Creek


Miranda is 13 years old. Miranda's favorite sport is curling. Miranda likes to scuba dive in lakes. Miranda has 2 older brothers (Branden, 21 & Hunter,18). Miranda has 1 dog (Abbie), and is getting another one on July 14th. Miranda wishes summer was half of the year. Both of Miranda's brothers play saxophone. Miranda has a pool and a hot tub in her house. Miranda's least favorite class is American History. Miranda's pictures are really bad.
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f - strongly and louder

mf - medium loud

< - gradually get louder

Slur - play smoothly

Staccato - detached or separated from the other notes

ff - play very loudly

> - emphases on the note

Edmund J. Siennicki

In 1994 he was honored by the Kent State University with the Alumnus Award from the School of Music. His teachers included for composition Herbert Elwell and Vincent Persichetti and electronic music Sergio Barroso. The composer Siennicki won prizes in the National School Orchestra composition contests and was awarded prizes of the American Society of Composers (ASCAP). Two years he was composer in residence at the MacDowell Colony. He wrote more than 200 works in different genres. He was working as a conductor at the Medina Symphony Orchestra , the Tuba Christmas Ensembleand All Ohio State Fair Band. Ignacy Jan Paderewski influenced Edmund through a conversation.
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Cripple Creek

I found it Interesting because it jumps all over and it is repetitive so you don't have to learn that much. The tempo for Cripple Creek is very fast though, so I am going to need to practice more so I can get faster. It is weird that it doesn't have any flats. It wasn't very hard, but it wasn't easy


I have learned that I don't like doing this project. I didn't enjoy anything. This project was so boring. We shouldn't do this project EVER again. I liked last years song more than this years song. Cripple Creek is hard because it is really fast.