Tech Tools for Teachers

A Digital Newsletter of Technology Integration Ideas

My Mission

After attending the KySTE conference last week, I have learned so many new strategies for incorporating technology into my lessons. In order to share these ideas with my colleagues, I will be sending out several digital newsletters over the next few weeks. After looking through these ideas, if you have any questions about how to use them, feel free to contact me and I will do what I can to assist you. Be adventurous and try at least one of these strategies with your students. Please share with me how it goes. I'd love to use some of your students' creations as examples in future newsletters.

Bring Your Projects to Life

This website and app allow one to make any picture interactive with hotspots that open up to share text, pictures, videos, links, and audio. This program has a variety of uses in any classroom subject. For example, a student can take a picture of a project he has made for class and add hotspots to the picture in order to share information about the project. Below are some examples using some projects already displayed around school. Just think, now these projects can come to life and reach more people when shared on our school webpage, Mr. Ferguson's Week at a Glance, Class Youtube pages, etc.

Adding Audio to Pictures - Create a Slideshow

This app allows you to import images and/or draw within the app, either on a blank page or an image you import. You can then record audio over each image you have selected. It puts them all together to create one video presentation. I see this app being used in a variety of ways and have shared some examples below. Get creative and come up with additional ideas. Please share these with others and encourage them to use this app. This webpage also gives more suggestions and has a search engine for you to find presentations done by other teachers and students. Some videos are by enrollment only and are set to private. Here, you can also join the 30 Hands community and see even more examples.

Annette Sapp

I have many more strategies to share...looking forward to hearing about how you use technology in your classroom.