August 22, 2016

We have had a GREAT start to the school year! The students have worked hard learning about classroom procedures and expectations. We have jumped right into our academics as well! Here is a quick over view of what we're working on:

3rd Grade-

  • Math: Place value and rounding
  • Reading: Reader's Workshop; reading and comprehending fiction and non-fiction and understanding character traits
  • Writing: Personal narratives with a focus on small, meaningful moments and strong leads
  • Grammar: Capitalization rules
  • Science: Habitats and animal adaptations

4th Grade-

  • Math: Place value and rounding review; understanding regrouping with addition and subtraction
  • Reading: Reader's Workshop procedures; reading and comprehending fiction and non-fiction texts; Greek Mythology
  • Writing: Personal narratives with a focus on small, meaningful moments and strong leads
  • Grammar: Capitalization rules
  • Science: Water Cycle and Clouds

Curriculum Night

Curriculum Night is coming up!

3rd grade is on Tuesday, August 30 at 6:30

4th grade is on Thursday, September 1 at 6:30

*Any parents who are NEW to Gwin Oaks can come at 6:00 for a meeting in the Media Center. Parents will come back to our classroom for a presentation at 6:30.

Special Education Transportation

A number of our students live outside of the Gwin Oaks district, which means those students ride the special education bus to and from school each day.

If your child is on a special ed bus and they are NOT going to ride the bus in the morning, you MUST call Transportation Dispatch and notify them that your child will not be riding. You can call the night before or the morning of.

The number is 770-513-6686, prompt #1.

Please note that if your child is not on the bus for 3 mornings and you fail to notify transportation, your child will be removed from the route. We will have to submit a brand new transportation request and it could take 10 days to go through (which means you would have to drop off/pick up your child for up to 10 days). This is a Gwinnett County rule. Please let me know if you have any questions!!

Morning Intervention

We will begin Morning Intervention on 8/30. Students will come to our classroom from the bus in the morning to drop off their things, then they will meet me in the lab across the hall from our classroom. Students will be in the lab until morning announcements on Tuesday-Friday of each week.

Media Center

We will be going to the media center each week on Tuesday mornings.


Students will be bringing homework home each night. Homework will consist of the following:

- Read for 20 minutes and complete a reading response
- Complete one spelling activity
- Another math or reading worksheet (not every night)

Homework should not be taking all evening for your children! They work hard all day and should enjoy some down time and family time in the afternoon. Our students work at all different paces. Please please PLEASE let me know if homework is becoming an issue at home and is taking longer than 40 minutes (not including reading).


Student passwords have been reset for the 2016-2017 school year. However, unfortunately there have been some school-wide technical difficulties and passwords are slow to change over (is what we have been told!)

To log in to myEclass, students can use the following login information:

Username - Student Number (200 number they should know!)

Password - 3rd grade: 456789

- 4th grade: 1st two letters of 1st name, 1617 (so mine would be ka1617)

If the above passwords do not work, please have students try their old passwords from last year -

3rd grade THIS year: 345678 (last year's password)

4th grade THIS year: 456789 (last year's password)

Let me know if this doesn't make sense - it's a bit confusing!