My Rocket Project

Group Members: Kaden, Ryan & Xander

Day 1: Background Research

2 Liter Bottle Rocket Notes

  • Fins

    • The fins are not going to be triangle, they are going to have 4 sides like a diamond.

    • The fins are going to be made out of cardboard boxes.

    • The fins should be as far back on the rocket as possible.

    • The fins should be small as well.

    • The fins should be facing down.

  • Parachutes

    • There are 2 things to consider when making a parachute.

      • How much does the rocket weigh?

      • How rugged is the rocket?

    • The parachute is going to be made out of a plastic bag.

Our steps to building the rocket:

  1. We are going to use 2 bottles to make our rocket.

  2. The design is going to be a whole bottle and then a second bottle which will act as a tube for air.

  3. The tube will be taped to the bottle at the bottom.

  4. At the end of the second bottle, the parachute is going to be tied on to the bottle with string.

  5. We are going to attach a nose cone at the top of the rocket with a piece of string for aerodynamics and when the rocket falls, the nose cone will pop off and the parachute will come out.

  6. The nose cone is going to be tied on with fishing line, it´s light and strong.

  7. The fins are going to be taped on the side of the rocket facing down for the best aerodynamics possible.

  8. The fins are going to be made out of cardboard boxes.

  9. The fins will be taped facing down for the best aerodynamics possible.

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Some pictures

Day 2: Starting to Build

On the second day, our group started to build our rocket. We started with cutting the bottle using scissors to make the sleeve for the parachute. After the sleeve was cut out, we started to trace the fins onto our cardboard boxes. We made sure the fins were the same size before we started to cut them out. We cut 2 pieces of cardboard out for the first fin, we then taped the 2 together so the waterproof side was facing out. We then folded about 1 centimeter of the cardboard up so there were little tabs on the sides. We taped the tabs to the bottle with electrical tape. We then taped the top of the fin to the bottle to prevent air from getting into the top of the fin on its way up. We finished taping the first fin to the bottle and by that time, class was over. At the end of day 2, we had our body done and 1 fin attached.

Day 3: Finishing the fins

At the start of day three, we started where we left off on day 2 and continued to build the fins. We finished taping all of the fins together making sure the waterproof side of the cardboard was facing out. We folded the cardboard so there were tabs on the fin we could tape to the bottle. We finished taping the tabs of the fins to the bottle making sure there was no space where air could leak through the top. After we were done taping the fins to the bottle, we started to fold the nosecone. We folded the nosecone so the tip was as pointed as possible to be as aerodynamic as possible. We taped the nosecone down and across the seam so it would not come unraveled. We cut the nosecone so it was towards the top of the bottle. We then grabbed a garbage bag and tied it onto the bottle with 4 pieces of fishing line. Our group went outside and went to test it by throwing it off the top of the bleachers. The first throw, the nosecone didn´t even come off of the rocket. The second toss, the same thing happened. We knew now that the nosecone wasn´t going to come off so we just threw it off with the nosecone off. The parachute worked very well but we knew that it was not right just being a bag and we needed more than 4 strings. Also during our test throws, the nosecone ripped so we needed to make a new one anyways. That is what we did on day 3.

Day 4: Restarting the parachute

After day 3, we knew we needed a new parachute. We looked in the garbage bag bin and found the bag we needed. We measured the size our parachute needed to be and we cut it out. We tied 6 pieces of fishing line to the bag making sure we taped where the knot was going to be so the line would not cut the bag on the way down. We made each piece of about 150 centimeters to get enough room for air flow to catch it on the way down. We had Mr. Collins make holes in the top part of our rocket so we could tie large knots on the inside of the bottle to make sure they wouldn´t go anywhere. We tied the knots on the inside of the bottle and also taped the knots on the inside to make sure they wouldn´t go anywhere. When we were done with that, we started to fold a new nosecone. We needed to make the nosecone so it was wider than the last one to allow it to come off the rocket. We finished taping up the nosecone with masking and electrical tape. By this time, class was over so we had to stop working on our rocket.

Day 5: Final build day

At the start of day 5, my group started off with attaching the nosecone to the bottle using 50 centimeters of yarn. We then saw that our six pieces of fishing line wasn´t aligned correctly so we added 2 more pieces of fishing line to our parachute. We tied the two new pieces of fishing line to the other knots on the inside of the bottle. We then saw that the nosecone string needed to be longer than the parachute lines so the parachute could come out easy. One of the pieces of fishing line was too short so we taped another small piece of fishing line to the short one so all of the lines were the same size. We folded up the parachute and put it in the nosecone and started waiting for launch day.
Big image

Day 6: Launch day

Day six was the launch day. We headed out to the track and prepared for the launch. We stuffed our clay into the nosecone to make it nose heavy so it flew higher. Our first launch was about 4 seconds because the parachute got taped to the inside of the nosecone. Before our second launch, we added more clay to the nosecone because the rocket didn´t fly very high the first launch. We also put another piece of tape on the inside so the tape was flat and the parachute could come out. The second launch the rocket went way higher and the parachute came out part way. The second launch lasted about 8 seconds so twice as long as the first one.

By: Kaden Brunson