Gulf Coast Indians

By Cooper Donoho Per. 4

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  • The Gulf Coast Natives had a diet that consisted of alligators. They would kill them then eat their meat and use the oil for insect repellent.
  • They also gathered plants like a prickly pear, fished, and hunted small animals.
  • Believed in gods that had the power to control nature
  • Had shamans that healed and were the religious leaders
  • Families traveled together in groups called bands with a chief as the leader
  • Used smoke signals to communicate over distances
  • They are all nomadic
  • Traveled in canoes that held their families and their goods
1.The Texas natives used their resources in that area to survive. For example they lived in bayous, so they fished and when they used up their resources in the area they would move on.

2.The differences between the Gulf Coast and the Southeastern tribes are that the Gulf Coast live on the coast, so they fished whereas they Southeastern followed the bison herds.