Cold Desert Biome

The cold desert biomes are cold in the winter around -2 to 4 celsius and receive less than 55cm of rain. Snowfall occurs mostly in winter but sometimes in summer. Has short summers that are wet and warm.
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Plants that inhabit cold deserts are algae, mosses, antarctic hair grass and lichens. Lichens are able to stop metabolically during harsh conditions. All of these plants can reproduce sexually or asexually. When they have sunlight they can quickly produce flowers and seeds. hair grass and lichens have small leaves that reduce usage of water during droughts and grows low to the round to protect from wind.
The cold desert is not a good place to grow plants. The climate is too cold, the ground is hard, snow covers up the plants so they cant get sunlight, and the wind damages tall plants.
The animals that live in the cold desert are foxes, coyote, polar bear, lemmings, bald eagles and seals. They have thick fur, skin, and blubber to retain heat. Coyotes eat almost anything but they are mostly meat eaters. Lemmings and foxes are able to change their fur color, in the winter their fur is white to help blend in.