Cutting the CRAP!

Members of the Positive Health Team at DC have put together a series of workshops for anyone (staff and friends), who may be interested in increasing their positive health through small changes.

  • The workshops will explore practical ways of bringing positive nutrition to you, your families, your classrooms, your community.
  • We also hope to answer your questions, dispel some of the myths and help one another work out the right path to take.
  • Using easily sourced ingredients in HK, the workshops will be a fun, hands-on experience based on creating balanced, whole food meals and snacks, without the CRAP!
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That Sugar Film

We will run a series of workshops, beginning with a screening of ‘That Sugar Film’ and an informal discussion about what that looks like in our lives.

This will be held on Tuesday 10th May at 5pm, in the DC staffroom. (All welcome)

We would love to know if there is anything specific you would like to find out about so we can tailor make our workshops to meet your needs.

That Sugar Film - Official Trailer

Follow-up Workshops

Thursday 19th May, 4:30pm - Workshop 1: Dispelling myths from the Food Industry

Thursday 2nd June, 4:30pm - Workshop 2: What to do now? Packing more nutrients into our day

Tuesday 14th June, 4:30pm - Workshop 3: Q&A with our guest speaker Gail Collins (Certified Health Coach)

Tuesday 21st June, 4:30pm - What do all the diets mean? What works for you?

You are welcome to attend one, some, or all of the events. For catering purposes and venue size, please RSVP to either Gill or Kate S, if you plan on attending.