Arica, Chile

Proyecto de una Ciudad en un País Hispano

El mapa de Chile

Chile está oeste de Argentina. Tambien, Chile está sur de Bolivia.
Chile in 6 minutes

La bandera de Chile

The star symbolize a guide to the progress and honor while other symbols refer to its meaning to an independent state; blue symbolizes the sky and the Pacific Ocean, white is for the snow-covered Andes, and red stands for the blood spilled to achieve independence.

La población de Arica Chile

La población de Arica Chile es 157 mil en 2014.
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La moneda de Arica Chile

An exchange rate is a value one currency for the purpose for conversion to another.

1US dollar=679.8 Chilean Pesos( May 12, 2016)

----->>>>>La moneda se llama Chilean Pesos.

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Persona Famosa; Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez is a famous soccer player in the team ARSENAL. He was born in 19.Dec.1988 in Tocopilla, Chile. He is famous because he is playing very well in his own position in the team Arsenal. He plays both forward and middlefielder with his splendid soccer skills. One of the interesting facts is that he is a Chilean soccer forward who scored 39 goals in 88 appearances for FC Barcelona from 2011 to 2014 before joining Arsenal. He became a member of the Chilean national team in 2006.


El tiempo de Arica, Chile

Hoy es el doce de mayo. Está claro. El viento está normal. La temperatura es de 16.1~24.4 'C. El pronóstico para mañana, estará calor y bien y un poco viento. La temperstura será 15~25.6 'C.


La maleta

Yo necesitaré mi pasaporte, boleto, cepillo, champú, crema, peine, secador, toallas, gel, cepillo de dientes, pantalones, camisetas, camisas, calcetines, jeanes, etc.

Los boletos de avión

La fecha de mi viaje es el doce de junio al dos de julio. El costo será 1234 US dólares.


Apacheta Hotel in Arica, Chile

Address : Avenida Comandante San Martin 661 Arica

Contact : 1-844-663-2269

Duración de la visita : veinte días

Número de habiticiones : dos doble son 900 dólares(US dollars), cuál es 611815.5 Chilean pesos.

IVA : Total ; 611815.5 Chilean pesos

; 900 dólares(US dollars)

La transportación

Yo montaré dos transportaciones en Arica, Chile. Dos maneras de el tren serán veinticinco doláres(US). Dos maneras de lso autobúses serán cinco doláres(US).

Las Atracciones

Acitividades divertidas

1. Los Aleros de 21

- Mains CH $ 7,000-12,000

-- One of Arica's most highly visited restaurants, serving a good menu of meats and seafood dishes with a few pasta and chicken dishes.

2. Museo de Sitio Colón 10

- adult/child CH $ 2000/1000

-- There aee the 32 excavated Chinchorro mummies in situ at this tiny museum below El Morro. They were discovered when an architect bought this former private home with the intention of converting it into a hotel. You can gape at the glass-protected bodies as they were found, in the sand below the floors, in different positions, complete with their funerary bundles, skins and feathers of marine fowl.


La comida

1. Arrollado de Chancho - chunks of pork wrapped in pork fat smothered in red ají (chili).

La comida

2. Charquican - ground or diced meat cooked with garlic, onions, potatoes and pumpkin all mashed. It is a mushy dish but great.

El restaurante




What to eat

  1. CALZONE ITALIANA $6400(US-$9.5) - Chilean+Italian style pizza with various toppings
  2. SPAGHETTI PESCATORA $7900( $11.62) - Northern Italian style spaghetti mixed with Chilean style spices
  3. POLLO PICATA $8000( $11.77) - Chicken in a bread-like cover with lots of vegetables in it



Fechas de mi viaje : el doce de junio hasta el dos de julio

Boletos de vuelo

- 838,868 pesos ($ 1,234)

Alojamiento(Apacheta Hotel)

- 611,815.5 pesos ($ 900)

Transportación 1(train)

- 17,000 pesos ($ 25)

Transportación 2(bus)

- 3,400 pesos ($ 5)

Atracción 1(Museo Arqueologico San Miguel de Azapa)

- gratis

Atracción 2(Parque Nacional Lauca)

- gratis

Atracción 3(Catedral de San Marcos)

- gratis

Actividad divertida 1(Los Aleros de 21)

- 9,000 pesos ($ 13.24)

Actividad divertida 2(Museo de Sitio Colón 10)

- 2,000 pesos ($ 3)

Restaurante(Pizzeria Lucano)

- 22,300 pesos ($ 33)

Costo total en pesos

- 1,504,383 pesos

Costo total en dólares

- $ 2,213.24