freedoms of the united states

by Nate Specht & Logan Thompson

Freedom of Religion

The freedom to be able to have your own religion and not be forced to be a certain religion.

example: people are showing their religion based on actions.

Freedom of Speech

The freedom to speak on your opinions and what you want to say when and wherever you want.

example: protesting about black lives matter

Freedom of Press

The freedom to be able to express opinions and use the press for your own self causes.

example: access to news sources.

Freedom of Assembly

The freedom to gather in groups as protest or other events.

Example: black rights matter protest.

Right to Petition

The right to request things or other things from congress or leaders.

Example: asking for no laws against gay marriage.

The first amendment in the news today

in the U.S. today the first amendment can be seen in all the protest for black lives matter. we see that they are using there ability to have the freedom of speech, assembly and others.

limitations of the first amendment

freedom of press - people exposed to a wide variety of point of view

freedom of speech- speech that could harm others or to endanger our government.

freedom of religion-does not permit practices such as human sacrifice, which is against law

freedom of assembly- not allows disturbing the peace or break laws.