By: Sophia Richert

The Beliefs of Christians

Christianity is the single most common religion in the world. While there are many kinds of Christians, the followers of Christianity, they all share these beliefs.

The Sabbath day is Sunday, also the most common day of worship. Christians also strongly believe in the Holy Trinity; or the union of father, son, and the Holy spirit as one; Jesus Christ. Most importantly, they all believe in monotheism, and the god of Abraham.

How Christians Worship

Christians worship in a church, often lead by a priest or minister. They often read and recite the bible, a sacred text in Christianity. In churches, Christians perform ceremonies such as Baptism, the use of water to mark someone's entry into Christianity. Another common sacrament is the Holy Communion; the symbol of god's body and blood in the form of bread and whine.

Christian Holidays

A important holiday inn Christianity is Christmas; celebrating the birth of Jesus. Equally important is Easter; celebrating the sacrificial death and resurrection of Christ, allowing believers to live eternally with God in heaven.


Jerusalem is important for Christians, because of the holy sites like the Holy Sepulchre; the site of Jesus’s crucifixion.