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PHMO Pre-Med Application Workshops

Career Center Conference Room, B Jones (* Choose One)

Tues Apr 5; 5-6:30pm; OR Wed Apr 6; 12-1:30pm OR 5-6:30pm

For Juniors and Seniors applying to medical school in the upcoming application cycle: recieve tips and get questions answered about AMCAS, TMSAS and AACOMAS application processes for medical schools

PreHealth Mentoring Office is coming to Woodruff Residential for PHHRs!

Emory PreHealth Sophomores: The Emory PreHealth Mentoring Office will have Group PreHealth Holistic Reviews at the Woodruff Residential Center this Sunday, April 10th from 7-8 PM. They will be held at the Woodruff Residential Center WREC Room and 3rd Floor Lobby.

Interested sophomores must RSVP on ASST. To learn more about the PreHealth Holistic Review, visit Here
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PHMO Events & Announcements:

2016 Composite Letter Applicants: You must CONFIRM which letters will be used as part of your Composite Letter packet. Please complete the confirmation form to select which letters you have chosen.

Composite Letter Interviews are winding down as we approach the 5th and final wave of interviews. If you are currently in the application cycle for a 2016 Composite Letter and you have not scheduled your Composite Letter Interview (and you are in group 4 or 5) there is still some time to do so in the coming weeks! All interviews will be completed by April 29th. Call the office or email for more information on how to schedule.

Drop-In Academic Coaching: EPASS Peer Programs continue to have "drop-in" academic coaching hours every Friday from 1;15pm - 4:15pm on the 2nd floor of Woodruff Library!

The AAMC Pre-Med Navigator, a monthly e-newsletter for pre-med students that includes relevant information, resources, tools, tips, and important dates for pre-med students at every stage of their journey to medical school.

Subscribe here:

MCAT practice test at Emory on March 26th ,THIS SATURDAY. Register here today: Kaplan MCAT practice test registration link

For More AMAZING Information on upcoming Events and Opportunities, continue reading below "You have questions, We have answers." You can also visit the PHMO Blog

The Office of Enrollment and Student Affairs at the School of Nursing is now offering permission numbers for the following courses for fall 2016:

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I – MWF from 9-9:50am
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab portion - Thursday OR Friday from 2-4:50pm
  • Human Growth and Development - Tuesdays from 2-4:50pm

To receive a permission number, please email Kaitlin Peterson, Undergraduate Admission Counselor for the School of Nursing, at Pre-nursing students receive priority but you must contact Kaitlin Peterson by Friday, April 15th to receive your number(s). There are only 50 seats available in each course and spots do fill up quickly!

Credentials File Information:

The Emory Career Center has a new website! There may still be few links here or there in transition, however the site is live here:

If you are applying for a 2016 Composite Letter, you can use the links on the new website to find all materials relevant to your Credentials File and your Letters of Recommendation.

  • From the home page, click the far right box (purple) labeled "Health, Law, Grad School"
  • Once here, find the Credentials File Tab on the bottom left of the screen (Under the Pre-Health heading)
  • Once here, you should be able to find and access all relevant links, which are also listed below! (Note, as the page is new, or as it is updated, some of the links included here may change. The best way is to navigate to the website and find the links there as that is where they will be the most up-to-date)

How to start your Credentials File

Registration and Authorization For Release of Letters of Evaluation

Fee Request Form for Pre-Professional Recommendations (PDF)

Letter of Evaluation Cover Form (PDF)

Letter of Evaluation Worksheet (PDF)

For more information, please visit the Emory Career Center's Website

PreHealth Holistic Reviews:

Emory prehealth students should register for their Group PreHealth Holistic Review (Group PHHRs) today! Check the PHMO website for the PHHR Spring 2016 schedule.

In the upcoming semester, PHHRs will have an increasingly limited availability. Now is your chance to take advantage of this amazing group session while they are offered frequently.

Sophomores are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to complete their Group PHHR and their PHHR 1:1 Follow-Up (completed within 3 weeks of their group session) in order to maximize the effectiveness of the session.

The Group PHHR and the PHHR 1:1 Follow-Up are both MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS to apply for a Composite Letter. Waiting until the last minute will prevent you from gaining insight that could make you a much more competitive applicant.


If you have questions or concerns about the following topics, please visit the PHMO:

  • Applications to healthcare graduate school programs – medical and dental school, PT and PA programs, Public Health programs, etc.
  • Interviewing skills and mock interviews for healthcare graduate school programs
  • Course prerequisites
  • Volunteering and shadowing in clinical settings
  • Composite Letters
  • Standardized tests – i.e. MCAT, DAT, etc.
  • Asking professors for letters of recommendation
  • Gap year and summer opportunities directly related to healthcare

If you have questions or concerns about the following topics, please visit the Career Center:

  • Assist all students in determining how their skills and interests best align with career options
  • Accept personal statement reviews through the document critique service for pre-health students.
  • Work with students who are still exploring healthcare career options, but are currently unsure of that decision
  • Critique resumes and cover letters of all students
  • Gap year and summer opportunities related to career exploration beyond healthcare

Students interested in making an appointment with the PHMO, please visit ASST to schedule. Current Oxford Campus students and alumni must call 404-727-6040 to schedule. For more information on Peer Mentor Walk-In hours, please visit the PHMO website here

You have questions, We have answers!

  • In Spring 2016 the PHMO Peer Mentors will be your exclusive resource for PHMO Walk-In Hours.
  • The Spring 2016 Peer Mentor Walk-In Schedule is available here on PHMO website.
  • To learn more about each peer mentor, visit the PHMO website here!

We work with Emory undergraduates once they show interest in healthcare professions until they are ready to apply to healthcare professional schools.

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FEATURED EVENT: APAMSA Regional Conference

You are invited to attend the first annual Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association (APAMSA) Southeast Regional Conference! The conference, “Bridging the Gaps: Highlighting Asian American Presence in Medicine” is an opportunity for students involved in the healthcare sector at various schools across the Southeast to meet, network, and collectively learn about APA health and experiences of both patients and providers. You do NOT have to be of APA descent to attend! We welcome everyone to this event to learn about an often overlooked and extremely diverse population so that ultimately, we may better understand the communities we work with.

What: APAMSA SE Regional Conference

When: Saturday, April 23, 2016 @ 9am – 2:30pm. Light breakfast and lunch will be provided!

Who: Everyone is invited!

Speakers tentatively include:

  • Dr. Sam Lim (Emory Rheumatology): Keynote Speaker
  • Dr. Emily Herndon (Emory Family and Preventative Medicine)
  • Dr. Yong Li (Chinese Medical Center of Atlanta)
  • Dr. Mary Rhee (Emory Endocrinology)
  • Members of the Atlanta branch of the U.S. Navy

How to RSVP: Fill out this form by Wednesday, April 20th. (The sooner the better!)

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!


APAMSA Southeast Region Co-Directors

Jennifer Hong (M3, Emory)

Deandrea Ellis (M3, Emory)

Alexander Pan (M3, Medical College of Georgia)

2017 ADEA AADSAS Application Instructions

ADEA is pleased to announce that the 2017 ADEA AADSAS® application instructions are now available on the ADEA GoDental website. The instructions are available early this year in preparation for the opening of the application on June 1, 2016.

On ADEA GoDental, applicants will find detailed information on applying to dental schools. Along with the instructions, it is critical that they review the following sections of the website:

· Preparing for dental school

· The admissions process

· The application to dental school: ADEA AADSAS

Here is an overview of what is new with ADEA AADSAS this year:

1. ADEA AADSAS revised the Release Statement and Code of Conduct.

2. ADEA AADSAS updated questions related to felony and misdemeanor charges.

3. ADEA AADSAS added a question to identify DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) applicants.

4. ADEA AADSAS will be limited payment options to credit card only.

5. ADEA AADSAS has updated the application fees to $245 for the first designation and $98 for additional designations.

In addition to these ADEA AADSAS updates, the dental school admissions process will now allow dental schools to view copies of each verified transcript, and will move the process for letters of evaluation to a paperless process.

Marshal B. Ketchum University; School of Physician Assistant Studies OPEN HOUSE EVENT

Saturday, April 9, 2016 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

Hosted by the School of Physician Assistant Studies at Marshall B. Ketchum University

Interested in becoming a PA?

Learn more about the profession, program and MBKU admission requirements from the faculty, staff and students of the first-ever PA studies program in Orange County.

Health Advocacy Master's Degree at Sarah Lawrence College

The Health Advocacy Program (HAP) at Sarah Lawrence College educates students for leadership roles in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing healthcare field. This is the nation's first master's degree program in health advocacy, and remains the foremost academic program in this area.

The Health Advocacy Program at Sarah Lawrence College prepares students for meaningful careers as advocates working with individuals and in community-based organizations, healthcare settings, and government, all at systems levels. Seminar courses allow faculty and students to engage in interactive discussions stressing critical thinking and problem-solving. The integration of theory and practice is core to the Health Advocacy Program curriculum. Students complete 48 credits of courses and 600 hours of fieldwork that is individualized to the students' educational goals.

If you are a student who would want to:

  • Learn more about serving individuals and families as they navigate the complex health care system
  • Enhance the capacity of individuals and communities to voice their concerns about health and health care
  • Work for positive change that improves people's lives by influencing health policy

You are encouraged to visit their website for more information.

Emory Study Abroad: Soc 390 Comparative Healthcare Systems (London)

London Study Abroad Program on Comparative Healthcare Systems

Emory University – Department of Sociology

The Course

The Department of Sociology offers a five-week program focusing on issues and problems in health care delivery in Great Britain and the United States, with comparisons to some other countries. Emphasis is on the structure and outcomes of health care systems, contrasting their evolution and current states.

Interdisciplinary Studies and Medical Humanities in Italy

The Italian Studies Program offers students a unique and very intensive authentic, evidence- based immersion into Italian culture, literature, art, history, religion, and current events. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students of any accredited university or college, offering a very thorough overview of Italy as a country, and of Italy as the cradle of the Western civilization and of the Humanities with the special participation of faculty

All courses are in ENGLISH intended for any regularly enrolled college student, pursuing ALL majors, especially for students who have never been to Italy and who wish to have a liberal arts overview of what this country represents today and in the past.

For more information: Youtube | Facebook | IVC Website

Now Accepting Applications: AACOM 2016 Arnstein Minority Student Scholarship Program

AACOM’s 2016 Sherry R. Arnstein Minority Student Scholarship Program application cycle is now open. The program, named after former AACOM Executive Director Sherry R. Arnstein, recognizes incoming and continuing underrepresented minority students at AACOM’s member colleges. Help AACOM spread the word by forwarding this email to eligible students.

Manot Cave Archaeological Dig 2016 (CWRU SODM) (For PreDental Students)

Are you interested in a different type of international trip? Join a team of researchers, faculty, and students to Israel to be part of a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to better understand how knowledge in craniofacial development can inform us about

archaeology and anthropology.

The research team has published preliminary findings in Nature (28 January 2015) that has garnered interest around the world.

Additional information can be gleaned from the project Facebook page (manotcaveproject).

Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine is a partner in this dig and is organizing two volunteer student groups to assist in the research: July 10-21 and July 24- August 4, 2016. Meals and lodging are included.

Contact the coordinator Yvonne McDermott ( for more details as spaces filled up quickly last year for this opportunity.

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3-week Comprehensive Rural Health Practicum

For any students interested in studying international health and community development, the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP) is offering a three-week practicum course in Jamkhed, India from mid-June to early July. Since 1970, CRHP has catalyzed health and development programs through direct investment in local communities, leading to dramatic improvements in the health and empowerment of marginalized communities.

Having trained more than 2,700 people from over 100 countries, and more than 28,000 domestic health workers within India, CRHP has rooted its community-based primary care model across the world. Through this summer practicum, students will have the opportunity to gain experience in health and development through site visits, program observation, and seminars. For more information on the summer course, please advise interested students to visit our webpage here or send an email to

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Other Events, Programs and Opportunities

  • Podiatry 3D Immersion Workshop (Application Due May 20) - Read more here!
  • Ask Admissions Webinar: How to Present Yourself as a Strgon Candidate for Medical School (REGISTER ASAP, Spaces limited, Wednesday April 13th, 8pm - 9pm EST)
  • Flourishing and Thriving in the 21st Century; Miller Ward Alumni House (Sunday, April 10th from 5:30pm - 8:30pm EST) REGISTER TODAY
  • Upcoming Events at Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health:
  • Free Webinar on the DAT (April 21st, 2016 at 7pm - 8:30pm CDT) REGISTER HERE