Zero Week

Best practices from SCC's Center for Teaching and Learning

Zero Week

Zero Week is that week before the first day of online instruction in which the courses are open and students are encouraged to engage, interact, and get oriented prior to the “official” start date of classes.

Implementing Zero Week strategies can aid students in understanding what is expected of them in your class, work out kinks in technology, get students used to the format of your class and get to know you as their instructor.

Zero Week is NOT required, it is simply a best practice the CTL would like to share with you. If you choose to implement Zero Week strategies, your CTL is happy to provide assistance.

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Why Zero Week?

Zero Week Strategies

Here are strategies and activities you can use in your classes for Zero Week.

Do's & Don'ts


  • Send an email or Canvas Message to students letting them know about Zero Week. Here is a sample email you can use.

  • If you would like, you can offer extra credit to students. If you do, you should make the extra credit available for all students even if they do not participate prior to the class start date.


  • Do not make zero week activities required, they should be optional as they are prior to the class’ official start date.

  • If you decide to implement zero week activities, do not overextend yourself, be sure to make this something you can manage.