Unit 4 - Lesson 2

Line of Best Fit (Using the Calculator)

Line of Best Fit

  • A line of best fit is a straight line that comes closest to the points on a scatter plot.
  • It is also called a linear model.
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How to Create Line of Best Fit

Step 1: Clear old data

Press STAT & ENTER. Then move cursor onto L1, and press CLEAR &

ENTER. Then move cursor onto L2, and press CLEAR & ENTER.

Step 2: Enter new data

Enter x-values under L1 & y-values under L2.

Step 3: Calculate the line of best fit

Press STAT & the RIGHT ARROW. Then press 4 & ENTER.

Lets Look at an example!!

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Let's Make a Prediction!

Predict the weight of a man with a size 13!

Y = 4.09x + 44.46
y = 4.09(13) + 44.46
y = 97.6 Kg