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There is Nothing a Camping Trip Cannot Solve for John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL

Camping has been a part of life for John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL as far back as he can recall. First it began with his parents taking him and his brother camping locally. They learned to pitch their tents, start the fire and roast as many marshmallows as they could eat. Then, as he and his brother got older, the family began to venture to other states to experience different climate, trees, and nature. Camping trips were not only an adventure for their family, because they also became a retreat of sorts and a therapeutic event. Getting there was half the fun and the hard work involved was the therapy.

With no television or friends coming over to play, the family of four would sit around the fire and have deep discussions. John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL fondly recalls these discussions being about literally anything. They would talk about work, school, and the world. Everyone was free to speak their mind, argue if they wanted to, or just shrink back in the shadows of the fire and be quiet.

John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL still goes on camping trips to think, breathe, and be alone or with his family and friends. It takes care of anything that ails him. The fresh air and hard physical work clears his mind and body from weeks of working on spreadsheets or speaking in stuffy hotel conferences. He is not sure his family appreciates it as much as he did as a child. The world his children are growing up in is so different from what his was, and they are not as excited to be out of touch with the world.

When he returns he always has a fresh outlook, even if he was confined to his tent the whole weekend in the rain, and even if his kids complained a little bit.

The Next New Restaurateur in Chicago? John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL

One of the many part-time jobs John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL had while he was in high school and college was cooking at a few German restaurants. It was always so much fun to be in the kitchen – it was fast-paced, ever-changing and a bit dirty. He met all kinds of characters and learned a lot about life in that kitchen. Even though he left the kitchen after starting his career in the materials handling industry, he cannot squash the desire to cook. Sometimes he drives his wife crazy as he always wants to take over what has become her kitchen.

John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL likes to experiment with different kinds of food while sticking to some of the basics of what he learned with German cooking. While German-style foods tend to be heavy and have a lot of meat (particularly sausages), John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL tries to incorporate lighter variations on traditional meals. However, nothing beats his goulash soup and brown bread on a cold winter’s day in Chicago. His wife does not complain when he gets in the kitchen on those days.

As he is approaching the age of 50, John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL thinks he may want to really shake things up in his life and open a restaurant. There are not many German inspired restaurants left in the Chicago area and he thinks it may be an exciting venture. He is certainly not afraid of the challenge of a new business and he has a menu he has been dreaming up since those days in high school. It is intimidating, though, as the percentage of new restaurants that close within the first year of business is quite high. John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL thinks that with the right menu, the right attitude and the right spot in the city, it may work.

John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL Would Rather Be Fishing

When John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL is dressed to the nines and standing at a podium speaking passionately about his industry, one would not know that he is dreaming of his hip waders and fishing pole – unless, of course, he throws in a funny anecdote about a mishap on his latest fishing trip. During his presentation, he may even have all his fishing gear in the car, planning to change into it as soon as his time is up at the podium.

Born and raised in the state of Illinois, John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL knows the lakes and where to fish. His favorite fishing spot is Big Bear Lake, which is in Vernon Hills in Lake County. Big Bear Lake has everything an avid fisherman needs. Beautiful, clean and about 25 acres of lake, he is able to fish for bass, bluegill, northern pike, crappie and walleye. It is a catch and release lake but that does not bother him. He simply loves the act of fishing.

John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL has a small, motor-powered fishing boat that he will take out on Big Bear Lake. Sometimes he will fish along the shore as well. No matter what he decides to do, the day is always long and lazy and with lots of fish jumping. Most of the time, John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL goes on these day trips alone but occasionally invites a friend or colleague from work.

However, John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL does not want to talk about anything except fishing on these trips. He does not want to talk about work, his wife, his kids or the state of the nation. He wants to sit in his boat or his chair, look at the lake, and talk about fish. Not surprisingly, he usually goes on these trips alone.

John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL Shares with College Students Today

John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL graduated from college a long time ago and many things have changed. However, he is often invited to his alma mater to speak and does presentations at other nearby universities. What does someone like John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL share with the college student of today? How does he convince them that he knows what he is talking about?

First and foremost, he commends them for furthering their education. In a time where it seems like everyone is getting a degree, it is still something to be proud of and the students need to hear that. Next he always shares with them the importance of their interpersonal skills. He is aware that everyone is chained to their iPhones, iPads, and any other electronic device available. Because of this, he worries about their interpersonal skills. John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL does not present it to the students this way but asks them how they would approach certain kinds of issues with colleagues, future employers, and customers.

John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL then shares with the students how passionate he is about what he does. He asks them to share with him at that point, and he really gets it out of them. Sometimes, the students were not even aware of what they were really passionate about. He conveys to them that following that passion, articulating it and approaching everything with it in mind will lead them to success. This message is often received with thunderous applause. Students will come up to him afterwards and express how no one ever talks to them that way, and how much they appreciated the opportunity to reflect in that way.

He always finishes his talks with college students by recommending that they find a mentor. Mentorship is something that can open doors to so many opportunities and so much growth. A student can benefit greatly from a mentor’s mistakes and successes.

John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL – Team Player and Captain, All in One

John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL knows what it takes to be a team player and captain at the same time and is equally successful at both roles. He credits how smoothly he handles both roles with the time he spent literally on a baseball field as a young person. He truly believes that when you learn to be a part of team through organized sports, it sets you up for success later on in life if you are part of a sales team, an office team or an executive management team.

Think about it – on a baseball team, each player needs to understand his or her position. Each player also needs to understand how his or her position affects the other players. In addition, every player needs to know the other players and their strengths and weaknesses. Finally, each player needs to understand strategies, and that the overall goal is not always to just score a run, but to play the game the best and most efficient way possible. All of those points can be applicable in business and were so helpful when John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL made his way into the business world.

Eventually, John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL was promoted to be the captain of his baseball team. He simply took all of the points above and added the responsibility to oversee and manage it all. Isn’t that precisely what a manager needs to do in the workplace? After the experience of being on the team and then captain of the team, John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL was ready to work. He may have needed a bit of training on the specifics at first but he was emotionally qualified to do the job. He truly felt he had an edge that other people who never played sports didn’t have.

John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL Sees the Good in Everyone

One of the traits that makes John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL such an effective leader is his ability to see the good in everyone he encounters. Sometimes this quality can backfire on him but many more times than not, he has been right about a person that no one wanted to deal with any longer. John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL claims he can immediately read a person upon meeting them and determine if they are good, deep down inside.

For example, when John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL started working in the materials handling industry, he worked alongside a man who was extremely quiet. This trait was unnerving to fellow colleagues and rumors began about how strange, antisocial, and finally inept this person must be. John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL never listened to these rumors and treated the colleague with respect as he had always sensed a good, honest quality in the gentleman. He felt that the man must be quiet for a reason and viewed it as a professional distance he wanted to keep.

Years began to pass by and the man never changed with others but began to open up to John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL. It was a slow progression but as John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL listened to him, he found out that the man had a speech impediment that embarrassed him in public. He also found out that he was just a thoughtful person who needed to think a great deal before he spoke. He was a man of few words but the ones he chose to say were always the right ones. John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL instinctively knew he was good, and was proven correct. He went on to correctly judge countless others in his professional and personal life.

John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL Does Not Follow, Just Leads

John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL is a natural leader. There are a few traits which he displays with ease and make it clear that he is completely comfortable in that role. For example, John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL questions everything. A leader does not, by nature, just go with the flow. It is not meant to be annoying or disrespectful, it is simply a trait of a person who does not follow blindly.

Another trait of a natural leader is always thinking forward and coming up with solutions. Sometimes this confuses other managers or employees because they may have not even seen the issue as a problem. But a natural leader like John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL is almost always problem-solving. In addition, natural leaders are always helping others and in turn, they are always being asked for help.

If you see this happening with an employee, and you did not realize their potential, you most likely have a natural leader on your hands. In any and all employment capacities, John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL fell into that role, as the guy who everyone went to for everything. He was always being noticed, as well, for his outstanding work or how he helped someone out. Suddenly everyone seemed to know who he was, so even if his immediate manager was slow on the uptake, the right people were always able to see what he was.

Finally, it is clear that John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL is a natural leader if you get a glimpse into his personal life. He is the leader in his family and his group of friends. Everyone wants to be around him and he gets everyone together. Often, natural leaders are not that different in their work and personal lives. John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL leads anywhere he goes. He simply can’t help it!

Train Your Sales Managers Like John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL

John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL knows how to train sales managers to get the most out of their sales team. It is pretty simple, but needs to be done well and with honesty in order for it to work. The most important thing to realize is who your sales team are as individuals. And by who they are as individuals, John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL means how productive they are and what motivates them.

Typically, sales teams have three different types of members. There are the highest production employees, the medium, and the lowest. The highest production employees are usually most motivated by money and do not need much in the way of other motivational tactics. However, since a high production salesperson tends to have huge slumps after enormous success, they do need some coaching during those slumps.

A medium production employee is the most reliable on a sales team. John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL says that these employees tend to be the most loyal and look up to the high producers. He suggests that giving the medium production some of the benefits and freedoms of the high producers keeps them happy and solidifies their loyalty even further.

John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL says to fire anyone who you deem to be the lowest production employee. A sales team cannot afford to have members who are lazy and do not want to improve. In sales, timing is everything and if an employee does not get up to speed in a very specific amount of time (based on the industry standards), they should be let go. This also serves as an example amongst the other salespeople that this behavior and work standard will not be tolerated. As a sales manager, this is crucial to communicate early on. Unfortunately, firing someone gets that message out loud and clear.

Gather a Crowd – John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL is Here to Talk

John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL is almost always invited back to speak at events and conferences after he does it once. Here are some of the reasons why he is so successful at public speaking:

He connects with the audience. John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL finds it easy to connect with the people in the materials handling industry as he was one of them for so long. This connection is key in keeping the audience engaged and interested in what he is talking about.

He shares personal stories. Sometimes the conferences are jam-packed with informational sessions and overwhelming conversations, so John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL always lightens things up by sharing some personal stories. The stories are always funny and relevant to the topic at hand and you can also see that he is enjoying telling them.

He is prepared. John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL is always prepared when he is scheduled to speak, and it shows. One sign of a novice speaker is one who gets a bit nervous when someone asks a question or is thrown off by a technological glitch. John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL once gave a speech in the dark because they could not figure out what was going on. It made for a fun speech by candlelight.

He uses body language. People can get really bored during presentations and one way to keep them on your toes is to keep yourself moving. John Gaughan of Crystal Lake, IL likes to use the whole stage or presentation area to move about. His energy is physical and verbal and adds to the excitement of any topic he may be discussing. Since he is moving around, people are less likely to get up to leave for any reason, to zone out, or to actually close their eyes. Yes, even adults fall asleep during presentations!