There is trouble in the mountains!

Help the Mountain Gorillas! They are Near extinction!

Cedric W.

The activities of humans in gorilla habitats have led to major threats to the existence of these fine animals

Hunters kill the mountain gorillas for food and trophies. They are killing the mountain gorillas, which is making the mountain gorillas move into extinction. The people are killing the mountain gorillas for trophies, which is also leading the gorillas into extinction. Their forests are being chopped up for farmland, fuel, and housing. The people are killing the gorilla’s habitat, causing them to die out.

So this tells us that we need to help the mountain gorillas instead of killing them because killing them would just lead them into extinction.

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Mountain gorillas at Virunga National Park, DRC

Mountain gorillas at Virunga national park

Video Link I chose this video cause I thought that this best fits the habitat of the Mountain gorillas

Here are the organizations that are helping the mountain gorillas from going extinct.

The International Gorilla Conservation programme helped protect the gorillas. One way they helped, was that all the injured gorillas were taken to a shelter, where they can heal, rest, and eat. They also monitored the gorillas so they wouldn’t wander off on their own.

(PUT THE INFORMATION ABOVE IN THE PRESENT TENSE.) Another shelter which protects the mountain gorillas is the Senkwekwe Center, located at park headquarters in Rumangabo. It is the only facility in the world that cares for the mountain gorillas. All the gorillas which are kept in there, have been abused by poachers. Also in the recent weeks, two new gorillas were transferred into the shelter. Their names are Koboko, and Maisha. The poachers who realized if they got caught keeping them, they would get arrested, which is why they released Koboko and Maisha. Unfortunately, Koboko died due to gunshots, which was believed to have caused the gorilla pain in the head, which lead to his death.

So this shows how the shelters are helping the mountain gorillas. (AVOID ANNOUNCEMENTS!)

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If we continue to threaten to kill the gorillas' habitats, they will be extinct really soon.

One way we threaten the habitat is by chopping down the trees. The reason why we are chopping down the trees is because we need to build more houses, use the trees for fuel, and have farmland. So we should stop chopping down trees, making farmland, and using fuel because we could use brick to build houses, find plain open areas where there is grass, and use coal to be the “fuel.” Another thing that is making the gorillas die, is the climate change. The climate where the gorillas live, use to be the right temperature. Now, global warming has stopped the “right” temperature. The air around the gorillas has changed to really warm, and that is killing the gorillas.

So this shows how the gorillas can not only be killed by humans, but can be killed by climate change.

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