its russia

you wouldint live if you havenet visited this place

places to go in russia an see.

some buildeings in russia are Smolny Convent & Winter Palace & Mercury Tower &

City Tower.Russia has the oldest lake.Try going to vladivostolk Mountian.

Be safe Russia has cool animals but do not be fooled some animals are very dangers.

Russia Building

russias location

Russia's above china on the map.

Its 60,00,00 North,E.And a wonderful place.

Come visit me you know you want to!

how is russia treating the enviroment?

Russia plants new trees,keeps there water clean an has really nice people there.
The enviroment down in Russia is not really treating Russia very well.Why?
They can only have half of Russia reach nice cold and hot safe water.
I would wait if i were you to go to Russia.