The Brave Life

the people who protects their country with their life

War on drugs

The modern War on drugs was started in 1971 President Richard Nixon started War on drugs he had proclaimed the Americas enemy number one of them are in the U.S. is using drung abuse many currently illigal drugs has been used for thousands on years for medical and spiritual purposes.


Education means the process of recieving systemic instruction,especially at in schools the important because if you want to lead an amazing life and enjoy the good things in life education is a must for a promising and secure future and a stable life

Gun control

The secial and expensive license is obtained and cannon are legal to own.the U.S has at least 100 million people with gun i agree to not to have gun because people are other people with gun all over the world and that shouldnt happen unless is in the army air force or in any other team to protect our country people are setting bad examples for kids in the world like not to long ago New Orleans Saints football player Will Smith died inside of a shootout,an unfired gun was found inside of Will Smith car

police brutality

Is the use of excessive and unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians .Excessive use of force means that well beyond in March 3,1991 a police chase in Los Angeles ended in incident that would be synonymous the beating on a man his name was Rodney King by the members of the Los Angeles Police person viewed the beating will ever forget its viciousness.


People needs to secures their prisons a lot more because two prisoners named David Sweat and Richard Matt told the officers they were going to escape that night before they escaped David and Richard were arrested for murdur

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