World of Dreams

Maria, Stephen, Sid, Kristina

History, Time Period, social norms

Our article took place during the Great Depression. This was right after the United States was coming out of the "Roaring 20's". During the Roaring 20s the United States was flowing with cash and economic success people were indeed living the so called "American Dream". Shorty after the United States ran into what some call a economic depression, or also known as the Great Depression.


On page 2 of our article there is a quote that says " The trouble was not that Americans too,pleasure in Cars, Expensive devices and a miscellany of Gadgets, but that they had come to believe in the fallacy that a full and happy life could be build out of these things..."

This shows that the idea of the American Dream was that in order to live the dream, you needed to have a sweet car, and all types of cool stuff. Now the dream is not really there any more it is not really as sweet as it was before.

How is it defined?

A world of dreams, a vision of better, deeper and richer life. When this was written people were desperate for any sort of economic hope and/or a happy life. The depression caused many Americans to question the American Dream and if it was still there.

Compare and Contrast

That it was having a expensive car and devices. Also having money and a well paying job. It is now all about being happy and having people there for you when you need them the most.