LV Technology

Wyatt Heise

Typing Web

  • Helps u learn how to type.
  • Learning how to type faster and more efficient.
  • Even learn about all there is about typing.

Hour Of Code

  • A program that is based on computer programming.
  • It can teach you how to make computer based games.
  • If you are a computer person this is the site for you.

Career Locker

  • To help you think of your future.
  • Your school counselor guides you throw the program.
  • Helps kids think about there future job.

Haiku Deck

  • It is a type of presentation site.
  • This site is a good site for professional.
  • Search for pictures on it.


  • To have fun with Friends.
  • Make kids into movie stars.
  • Find a different side of you.

Email Eticuette

  • A great way to learn how to type a good email.
  • Awesome for beginners.
  • It is also a really good way to learn how to type better.

Explain Every Thing

  • It is a app on the i pad
  • This app is great for kids and adults
  • Easy to use for starters