Enhance 2014 School Holidays

2 days ICT professional learning for NSW DEC teachers - free

BYOD, flipped classroom, digital citizenship, Google Tools......

Attend one day or both.

Immerse yourself in one of the strands above

Two days of quality professional learning workshops during the NSW DEC September school holidays. We are giving teachers time to discover 21st century skills and tools supporting the integration of technology across the Australian Curriculum. The days are divided in to streams, if you can't decide which stream to take, there is a similar event at the same venue, one week later.

Morning Tea and Lunch Provided.

Enhance 2014 School Holidays - Day 1

Wednesday, Oct. 1st, 8:30am-3pm

25 New South Wales Crescent

Barton, Australian Capital Territory

Bring Your Own Device

Workshop 1 - An introduction to the process of implementing a BYOD policy in schools. With a significant shift in the technology and education landscape now it is critical that teachers, school leaders and parents have the opportunity to consider the benefits and complications that a BYOD strategy presents. For schools considering a BYOD strategy in NSW or ACT, this is a great place to start.

Workshop 2 - Digital Citizenship What is digital citizenship? What resources are available to help students gain an understanding of the importance of being a good digital citizen? Examine these resources and examine how these can be used in your class or school.

Workshop 3 - BYOD Toolkit We will examine a range of tools that work across mobile devices in the BYOD environment.

Digital Citizenship

Workshop 1 - Digital Citizenship - This workshop introduces you to the nine elements of digital citizenship. We will discuss how these relate to students, teachers and parents.

Workshop 2 - Safe on-line social learning for students and teachers

Teachers will learn how to utilise the on-line environment to support student learning opportunities and class discussion using social learning spaces.

Workshop 3 - Social Media for Educators

Developing a Personal Learning Network to connect, collaborate and share with other teachers within your stage, faculty, school, state or around the world… engage in professional conversations, stay up-to-day with education leaders and access current resources.

Enhance 2014 School Holidays - Day 2

Thursday, Oct. 2nd, 8:30am-3pm

25 New South Wales Crescent

Barton, Australian Capital Territory

Flipped Classroom

Workshop 1 (two sessions) Create videos to use in the Flipped Classroom. Teachers will record the content of their screen to develop learning materials to support and extend students, using Adobe Presenter 9 or 10 on their own laptops (see software options below).

Workshop 2 Using video within your subject area to engage students. Learn how to create and edit a short video as you would with your students.

Google Tools

Workshop 1 – An Introduction. Examine a range of tools available including Google Drive, documents, spreadsheets and drawing and begin to explore ways to appropriately integrate them in your teaching and learning to encourage collaboration and communication.

Workshop 2 - Create forms that will mark work and email the results to your students. Use forms to collate feedback, assess students and more…

Workshop 3 – Learn to create a web site and embed Google docs and forms in to the site. Discuss how the site could be used in schools and visit a number of Google sites.

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