New England Colonies

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island,Connecticut


  • The Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded in 1620 by Separatists-Puritans.
  • Separatists in England fled to Holland then they came over on the Mayflower in 1608.
  • Farming was difficult in the Massachusetts Bay Colony so people found other means of making a living by trade.
  • Religion in the Massachusetts Bay Colony was Puritan.
  • Royal gov. under charter.
  • Wampanoag, Nauset, Massachuset.

New Hampshire

  • New Hampshire Colony was founded in 1623 by Captain John Mason.
  • The economic and social life in New Hampshire revolved around sawmills, shipyards, merchant's warehouses.
  • Royal Government
  • The dominate religion of the New England colonies was Puritan.
  • Pennacook, Abenaki.
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Rhode Island

  • The Rhode Island Colony was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams.
  • The people who settled and lived in the Rhode Island Colony were mainly English from other colonies.
  • The economy of Rhode Island was more mixed than in the other New England Colonies. The better soils and slightly warmer climate of the colony made agriculture better than other colonies.
  • The colony being founded on the principals of religious freedom.
  • Charter gov.
  • Narragansett, Nipmuc.
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  • The Connecticut Colony was founded in 1635-1636 by Thomas Hooker.
  • The people who settled and lived in the Connecticut Colony were colonists who left the Massachusetts in 1635.
  • Conditions for farming where better so farming played a big role in their economy.
  • The colonists who settled the Connecticut Colony were seeking more religious freedom.
  • Charter gov.
  • Pequot, Mohegan.
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