Saturn's Rings and Saturn

Hi, we are about to go on a journey to outer space and see saturn. Let's go check it out it's going to be amazing and outrageous. I hope you like it.

Saturn's Rings

About the rings.

Saturn’s rings are pieces of rock and ice.

Some pieces of saturn’s rings are as small as a fingernail.

Some are as big as a car.

Saturn is famous

Famous Saturn.

Saturn is famous because the dazzling rings circle Saturn.

Saturn is a tannish color.

How far away

How far away

About how far away.

Saturn is 1.4 billion km. from the sun.

Saturn is cold.

Fun facts

Fun facts

Did you know people can see saturn's rings through a telescope?Did you know Saturn is the 6 planet from the sun?Did you know Saturn is called the ringed planet?



A telescope is something you can see through.

Solar System

A collection of 8 planets and their moons in orbit around the sun. There are asteroids that are around the 8 planets.


And that was the end of the journey. Bye!

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