4C News

Friday, September 15th, 2017

Friday Folders

Your child's Friday Folder is coming home today. Please review the contents and return the folder and sheet on Monday.

Student Government

Six 4C students campaigned to be elected as our Student Government Representative. I'm so proud of all of the students for taking the risk! I'm proud to report that Brody will be our representative and Jeremy will be the alternate.

Special Opportunities


Mrs. Coleates presented information to the students regarding the Geography Bee. A handful of kids have already expressed interest. Those kids already have the first study sheet to complete. Please see the embedded flyer for more information.


Another extra opportunity is the Spelling Bee. Mrs. Coleates shared information regarding this competition this week as well. See the flyer below for more info!


Mrs. Close’s Class – We have jumped right into Module #1. One major focus of this year will be on showing work neatly and explaining answers. "I found the answer" will no longer suffice as an explanation. The kids have reviewed place value. You’ll find corrected exit tickets and homework assignments in your child’s Friday Folder. Exit tickets can always be corrected to earn back a portion of the points that were lost. Students need to make corrections on a separate sheet of paper. Original answers should not be erased or changed. Corrections should be stapled to original assignment and then handed in to me. The kids are aware of this process. They have even taken their first quiz. Those will come home in next week's folder. The kids are working hard - we’re off to a great start!

Mr. Hart's Class - We have been working on place value, comparing numbers up to hundred thousands, and adding thousands, ten thousands, and hundred thousands to numbers. Today we took our first topic quiz, I will get those corrected this weekend and send them home on Monday for you to see. Any time your student is stuck on homework or it is a struggle for you to get them to complete it, please send a note in so that I can help your child with understanding the concept.


We've begun our plant unit. Earlier in the week, the kids worked with different fruits to determine the properties of their seeds. Today, the kids worked in groups to make day #1 observations of their "mini sprouters." I will add water to the them and when they look again on Monday, they should see some drastic changes! Check out the pictures below.


We've spent a great deal of time learning about the Iroquois by reading The Really Great Law of Peace and The Thanksgiving Address. The kids worked on organizing their learning into main idea graphic organizers. These kids are really good at determining main idea and deciding upon the most important details! Next week our focus will be on making inferences and writing responses to short answer questions.

Book Orders

The first orders will come home Monday!


Our first field trip is a week from today! I will be picking the t-shirts up on Wednesday so we'll have them for our trip. Please watch the weather closely so you know how your child should dress. Most of the day will be spent indoors. Also, all students will need to bring a lunch!

I chose out of a hat.....one adult from the Loblaw family and one adult from the Eckdahl family are invited to join us. I apologize to the families who weren't chosen. There will be more opportunities!

Author Visit

On October 24th and 25th, author Amy Ludwig VanDerwater will be visiting. There is a packet behind the Friday Folder sheet that offers kids the option of ordering her books! All orders are due Wednesday, September 27th.

Dates to Remember

September 22 - Ganondagan Trip

October 12 - Open House