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Rock The Summer Challenge

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Whether you have consistently selling for the last 6 months or are ready to get back into after almost a year of inactivity, the Rock the Summer Challenge is for you! Read on for our Corporate Promo and a little extra I am throwing in to sweeten the deal :)

It’s on! Your opportunity to earn this Fall’s Hostess Exclusives in the Rock the Summer Challenge starts NOW! What a fun incentive to help you earn some cash this summer AND stock up on hostess exclusives to use as a booking tool this fall.

This week’s Rock the Summer Checklist: Complete all 4 items for 4 entries to win!

  1. Sign Up at to be eligible for weekly bonus prizes, text message updates, and more.
  2. Fill out your RTS challenge plan based on your personal goal found on the site above. (Schedule a 15 minute coaching call with your upline so she knows this is complete to discuss your goals and plan)
  3. Join the facebook group at the following link and once you are a member, post your goal and tag me in it. For example, "I am going to Rock this Summer and am going for level 3 Rene Kauder!" :
  4. Listen to April Price's Kick Off Call here to get fired up for this week:

In addition to the cash you will earn on your little blue card, the fabulous hostess exclusive prizes, and other benefits that come with doing Trunk Shows, you will be entered to win a $50 Gift Card to anywhere you would like OR a $100 Stella & Dot Gift Card. Flash incentives will pop up along the way as well so keep an eye out!

Let's get Inspired, Let's get Motivated and Let's ROCK THE SUMMER! Let’s do this!

In order to receive all entries throughout the challenge, you must inform your direct upline of the items you have completed. She will then in turn communicate to me at the end of August when all entries will be tallied for each person.



Get Ready for Next Week!

Next week we are going to do a Team Booking Blitz! In order to be ready, make sure you:
  1. Completed all the items above and communicated your entries to your Upline
  2. Prepare your Who Do You Know List (look through old order forms, contact sheets, etc and write down the names of everyone you want to contact to host a show with you). If your list is small think about Who Do You Want To Know and jot down their names!
  3. Any questions? Let me know!

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