Water and Electricity

Keep yourself and the people around you safe

Safety Tips

Tip 1: Do not put electrical appliances near water, to avoid appliances falling into water.

Tip 2: Do not handle anything electrical with wet hands and bare feet.

Tip 3: Do not work with anything electrical that's near water. Ex: your hair dryer

Tip 4: Do not use extension cords by water.

Tip 5: If a electrical fire starts do not use water to put it out, it may worsen the fire.


FF 1: Water is a very good conductor for electricity, even better then air!

FF 2: The human body is a very good conductor because our composition is 70% water.

FF 3: If the human body gets electrocuted many symptoms may occur such as: muscles tightening (becomes very hard to move), lungs don't function properly, blood vessels tighten, heartbeat pattern is interrupted, and nasty burns appear on skin.