New Designer Training #2

Soar to Success

Soar to Success Rewards Program

As a new Designer you’re automatically enrolled in the Soar to Success Rewards Program! It's a special incentive program designed to get your jewelry business off to a flying start by helping you achieve success during your first 90 days. Achieve PV and sponsoring goals and earn jewelry and display rewards worth over $475!

For more info, see the Soar to Success Flyer and FAQs and watch an overview of the program below!

Red Stamp

Red Stamp offers customizable digital templates which allow Designers to invite, thank, wish, and announce in Origami Owl branded style. This is a text/email program you can use for your hostesses and customers, branded with files, just for us. Use it for "save the date", "invites", and even "thank you" cards and emails!

Read the Red Stamp Tips & FAQs to learn more!

O2 Vital Behaviors

Let’s consider the behaviors that lead us to the results we desire. Typically, there is that one behavior that stands out, that one thing we must do to succeed. To achieve the results we desire, a Vital Behavior is required, and like so many things in life, the “O2 Vital Behavior” is so simple!

The single most important Vital Behavior is to extend personal invitations everyday to:

  1. Host A Jewelry Bar OR
  2. Purchase O2 Jewelry OR
  3. Join Your Team

If you invite every day, eventually you will find success! But to improve your confidence and inviting skills and to create opportunities to invite, we are adding two additional Vital Behaviors. The inviting Vital Behavior is supported by:

  1. Wearing your Living Locket every day. When you wear O2 product, you become a walking TOM and conversations around your story will happen organically.
  2. Spending 15 minutes per day reading or listening to Personal Development material, in addition to your daily religious study. This material is designed to increase your confidence and improve your ability to invite.

Coming Up...

In the next guide, we will explore the Back Office and learn how to access important tools and resources to help you build a successful business.

Until then, complete the tasks above and then watch the video below to see how Bella made her dreams come true!

Bella's Journey

The Origami Owl Story - Bella's Journey

Elke & Emma Caldart

As your Director, I will provide you with guidance, training, and support. As a Designer, it is your responsibility to reach out to your mentor when you need assistance. To be successful, you must take the opportunity to learn and take the action necessary to grow your business. I look forward to partnering with you in our O2 journey!