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Getting online is a normal task nowadays. We communicate through Whatsapp, Wechat, social media everyday. Even watching TV program uses internet connection now with IPTV (internet protocol television). With all the devices getting online, we will have to be choosing different type of internet connection for the best experience.

There are two major internet connections, mobile internet and fixed internet connection. Mobile internet connection provides flexibility in term of location where the internet can be connected. Once having wireless connection, you can be connected anywhere once you have the device that can emits internet connection, acting as a hotspot. With fixed Unifi connection, there are ADSL which uses copper cable to transmit data and information. The other fixed internet connection is the fibre broadband connection, which uses fibre optic cable. Fibre internet connection has less data losses while transferring data as fibre optic will have less data losses compared to copper cable. This makes fibre broadband connection a faster and more stable internet connection.

For the usage on mobile devices, it certainly is beneficial to have mobile internet connection as you will need to be able to be connected in any place where you go. There are plenty of mobile internet service providers available in the market and normally the package is offer by the mobile lines that you have signed up for.

If you are looking for internet connection for home or business, it is recommended to choose fibre internet connection. Fibre internet connection provides a more stable and faster connection. With more internet solution providers providing fibre internet connection, the fibre broadband packages are getting cheaper and more cost effective due to the competitiveness.

For fibre broadband pacakges, TM Unifi package offers a good package. One will get 30Mbps download speed and 5Mbps upload speed. This package is only costing RM179 per month. If you will like a higher upload speed, you can go for the 50Mbps download speed and 10Mbps upload speed, this TM Unifi package is an additional RM50 from the TM Unifi 30Mbps.

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