We Glove You!

By: Mrs. Schnabel: 2/16/16

Baseball Gloves: You're gonna Glove it!

About WGY

WGY is run by Andre Dawson. He has 125 employees that are all dedicated to making quality baseball gloves. They are based out of Dover, Delaware right on the coast. WGY makes it their goal to provide for all areas of the country.


In 1917, Andre Dawson began his company as a family business. However, as time passed and word traveled about his quality sports equipment it soon grew into a full blown million dollar factory. A long line of Dawson's grew up during the Industrial Revolution working along side Samuel Slater in his mill. This business mentality has passed through the generations.

WGY Baseball Gloves

We sell baseball gloves! They are necessary when playing baseball. Whether you are playing in the MLB or out in the yard with your Dad, we have the glove for you. WGY has the best gloves because we use fresh leather from cattle from the Midwest. We also use the smoothest bear grease to really make them grip and glimmer!


Child size: $9.99

Adult size: $29.99

First baseman: $34.99

Catcher's Mitt: $44.99


Buy one, get your second glove half off!

Buy more than 5 gloves and get one Free!!!

(Buying in bulk is an option)