Message from Mrs. Cross


I want you all to know how much I have enjoyed this year. Working with you all has been a great pleasure. I feel like I have made some great friends and become part of a tremendous family. I thank you for being so patient, understanding and welcoming. Change is difficult and challenging, but you have handled it with such grace. Next year we will be faced with changes and challenges, but I am not worried because I know we will work together as a team and continue to see progress in our school. It is truly OUR school and we will get out of it, what we put into it. I pray for you to have a safe, fun-filled and rested summer vacation. May we all come back with a renewed spirit and recharged energy. God bless you all!

Other Info:

* Secret Pal Reveal- Monday at 8:20--breakfast will be served

* Third Grade Luau - Tuesday

* Grades due in Powerschool - Tuesday by 3:00

* Cookout for 5th grade - Wednesday 11-2 staff is invited

* I will have checkout sheets to you on Monday, of course you are not permitted to check out mentally or physically until Friday!

* Please have your last 4 days filled with plenty of activities- you must have your eyes on your students at ALL times. Remember " idle hands are the devil's workshop"!