My Poems

Tyler Robinson


Food you make me fell good

Without you I would die

You make my mouth water

My stomach makes noises over you

You taste so good

Everyone try's to eat you

You can be decorated

You feel me up

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Bright long

Play run work

Kids are playing



Soft red

Floating falling dropping

Buety for ever and aways

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Once there was a man named andy

He played in the sand and got sandy

And he fell in the mud and got dirty

Andy was a kid and he was nerdy

The he said ok its fine and dandy

There was a man named jack

He was tall and always fell on his back

Jack fell down the hill

And rolled to the wind mill

After his role he looked

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rhyme scheme

I like the stars in the night

They are so neat

They can make diffrent things

I can see them better in the feilds of wheat

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color poam

Red is a dark color

Red is a rose petal

Red smells like cherrys

Red tasts like watermelon

Red sounds like birds chirping

Red looks like melting lava

Red fells like a velfet shirtRred makes me fell good

Red is a fire

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I went sleading

Down the road

I went so fast

I made a sonic boom

My hands had no felling

Like a ice cube. spinning around

I kept going with no sound then

My slead broke into a millon

Pieces then. i ran home and went to

School and the said i went sleadin

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